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g Calendar Download
g Green Events in 2006
g Rural Tourism Fair/Feria de Turismo Rural
g Eco Travels in Oaxaca - Steve Ginsberg
g Mexico's Bicentennial Man: Benito Juárez
b This means war - John McClelland/Mexico Connect
b How fair is fairtrade? - BBC Five Live Report
b Take the green road - Ethical Corporation
b Roads Not Taken - Thomas Swick/CJR
b To Think of Leaving Mexico - The Boston Globe
b Seeking best practices in ecotourism, an industry in transition - Nature Canada
b New Travel Experience in Ecuador - PR Web
b Bolivia - Magnum in Motion
b Report from Mexico - Maribeth Mellin/San Diego Union Tribune
b Puerto Morelos Vive
b Canada grapples with elections in the Internet age - Reuters
b Google's reputation at stake in fight with government - USA Today
b Google versus Evil - Wired
b Google Analytics
b Green group backs Palin on travel - BBC
b Secrets of Pronoia - Rob Brezsny/The Sun (PDF)
b Ecotourism Newsletter - Carol Patterson (PDF)

UPDATES -- Greening Trade - Writing and Place


g Calendar Download
g Preview: 2006 Ecotourism Panel
g Oaxacan art crosses the border - Neil Pyatt
g Evaluating NGOs in Tourism and Conservation
g Globalize Yourself
g Baltimore Web Tour
g Project for Public Spaces Web Tour
g News from Retalhuleu
g Water Issues in Mexico - Planeta Forum
g Ecotourism in Jamaica - Christine Dell'Amore
g Monarch Butterflies - Planeta Forum
g Shadowdancing: 20 Year Anniversary
b We live in holy times - Rolf Potts
b Exit-0 - Molly Molloy/Texas Observer
b Frontier Justice - Newspaper Tree
b MacUser: Google Earth for OS X is here!
b Diálogos en confianza - Canal 11
b Cine - Canal 11
b Explore Rural India
b Explora La India Rural - Una Vuelta
b The American Folklife Center - Library of Congress
b Ecotourism -
b Rebuilding Place in the Urban Space
b Ranking Corporate Reputations - WSJ
b Buzzword of the Year: Eco-tourism - New York Times
b Merida Insider
b Affordable Eco-Vacations - Holly Beck/AlterNet
b Travesías: Inspiración para viajeros
b Service Learning
b Places In the News: Markets - PPS
b Yorta Yorta - Language of the Month
b Don't be evil
b Users Interleave Sites and Genres - Jakob Nielsen/Useit
b Inicia URO Planta de Tratamiento de Aguas - Imparcial
b Viable, devolver las aguas cristalinas al río Ameca - Jornada
b Debate rages on what green means
b Need some church? See Cholula - Anne Wallace Allen/Seattle Times
b Podcast - 6 Nations Net
b After the Tsunami: Lessons from Reconstruction - onPhilanthropy
b Social network - Wikipedia
b Americans, Finns and Danes Have Most Freedom to Travel Visa-Free - WorldHum
b Shadow Dancing's china year - Martini Republic
b Al rescate de lo orgánico - Noticias
b Artesanos sin apoyo - Noticias
b Sustainable Business and the World Economic Forum - World Changing
b Tequila's sun rises - Inside Bay Area
b Muttering at the World Bank - Washington Post
b Cancun holds tourism and communication forum - Visit Mexico Press
b Detalla Fonatur el gasto de $63 millones para Cancún - La Jornada
b Empresarios de turismo rural promocionan sus servicio -
b Viva Oaxaca
b Cancun beach recovery - afterwilma
b Hello ... I must be going - afterwilma

RESPONSIBLE TOURISM FORUM -- Event Info - Ecotourism Panel - Transitions Abroad - Deborah McLaren - Harold Goodwin - Jalsa Urubshurow/Nomadic Expeditions - Jamie Sweeting/Center for Environmental Leadership in Business (CALENDAR)

UPDATES -- Guadalajara - Lights, Camera, Impact - Harry Pariser - Wish List - Stones in the Road - Green Events - How to organize a tourism fair - Que vivan los tamales! - Tourism and Indigenous People - Many Roads to Peace - Ecotourism Defined - Cerro Blanco - Lines in the Water - Ecuador Exchange: Andy Drumm

MARCH 2006

g Calendar Download
g Baltimore Ecotourism Panel
g Mexico Water Tour
g Cinco Puntos - Soll Sussman
g Coba: So Near and Yet So Far - Jeanine Kitchel
g Louisville Web Tour - Planeta Forum
g Mexico Connect Spotlight - Planeta Forum
g Business Development Symposium - Planeta Forum
b La Ruta de Cortés -
b Fonatur detonará proyecto en Huatulco - Noticias
b Furthering Democracy in Mexico - Enrique Krauze/Foreign Affairs
b Will responsible business increase competitiveness? - World Bank Group
b What's Radical About the Weblog Form in Journalism? - PressThink
b Remittance Outcomes in Rural Oaxaca - UCSD (PDF)
b La sede del MACO, una casona con historia - Imparcial
b World Museums - Flickr
b Tailored For Santa Feans - SFR
b Commonwealth Games - Wikipedia
b Gift Economy - Wikipedia
b Focus on Deserts & Desertification in Algiers 2006 World Environment Day - UNEP
b Brazilian Air Safety - Brazilmax
b Busca la UNAM el rescate de áreas verdes - Universal
b China's Tropical Treasures - Adam Worcester/Transitions Abroad
b WBC could revive baseball in Mexico - Chris Hawley/Arizona Republic
b Más Oaxaca - Zane Fischer/SFR
b Brazil, IDB sign $9 million for ecotourism - IDB
b A 'green' approach for state tourism - Capital Times
b Exploring a vivid west - Diane Daniel/Boston Globe
b The Scam of Global Warming - George Monbiot/Guardian
b Buying Complacency - George Monbiot
b Conflict resolution - Reed Johnson/Los Angeles Times
b Poverty reduction and growth: virtuous and vicious circles - Edis
b Thinking outside the box - Eldis
b Aid for trade - Eldis
b Jamestown 2007
b Hacking Las Vegas - Wired
b Mexico Fishing News
b Airlines flying into turbulence over climate change law - Guardian
b The Year of Study Abroad - Clay Hubbs/Transitions Abroad
b The Green Life - Sierra Club
b Fair trade rugby balls - BBC
b Nobel laureate to lead Costa Rica - BBC
b Nature's delight - Michael Ventura/Austin Chronicle
b Tralliance Unveils New Web site on .travel Domain - NTA
b .travel Registy
b Recuperación del lago de Texcoco se explicará en foro - La Opinion
b Instituto Nacional de las Mujeres
b Samaritana: una refrescante tradición - Noticias
b Feria del Árbol en Lachigoló - Noticias
b Wasteful Mexico City Hosts Water Forum - Houston Chronicle
b Q&A: Ecuador Crisis - BBC
b Off Message -

NTA MEETING -- Louisville Web Tour - Parks Canada - Goodness Sells - Silos & Smokestacks - Message Board

UPDATES -- Colibri - Mexico Markets - Travel Notebook - France - Water - Bank Watch - Marlene Ehrenberg

APRIL 2006

g Calendar Download
g Practicing Sustainable Tourism
g Walk with the Weavers (FLICKR)
g Survey Says: Best of Oaxaca
g Results from 2006 Water Survey
g Easter in Mexico
g Communities, Tourism and Poverty Alleviation in Africa - Planeta Forum
g Arctic Guide - Planeta Forum
b ¿Dónde estás, Kalimán? - Guillermo Fadanelli
b Emerging Technology 2006 - Bruce Sterling
b World Pooh Sticks Championships
b Despite Efforts, Some Tours Do Leave Footprints - Juliet Eilperin/Washington Post
b Travel. It's the Hot New Career Move - World Hum
b Feria de Maíz Criollo Photos - Michael Warshauer
b Mexico shows World Water Forum what not to do - Jo Tuckman/Guardian
b Working for Water - South Africa
b Tourists in Vigil of Patagonian Glacier - Chronicle
b Trapped in Cubicles - Fortune
b The 2006 Lulu Blooker Prize for Blooks
b Dream Weavers - Smithsonian
b World Bank Goes Into the Global Crafts Business - Washington Post
b Explaining the faux Irish pub revolution - Austin Kelley/Slate
b Oops, we helped ruin the planet - Guardian
b As border tightens, Naco's service industry sees drop - SVH
b MIF supports tourism development in Mexico's Tequila region - IDB
b Photo Project Records Life Along U.S.-Mexico Border - Worldchanging
b Bruce Sterling: "Make No Decision Out of Fear!" - Worldchanging
b Trevor Sofield - ECOCLUB
b The high impact of shore excursions - afterwilma
b Can Cancún Take Another Hit? - San Antonio Express News
b Investment and Growth in Loreto Bay - VisitMexicoPress
b Domestic tourism props up Cancún - afterwilma
b Who owns the Internet? - CIO Blogs
b Having Furniture Made - Mexico Connect (subscription)
b ECOCLUB Issue #78 (PDF)
b Fair Trade in Europe - IFAT (PDF)
b Texas Nature Tourism Council E-Newsletter (Spring 2006) (PDF)
b Responsible Travel Handbook (PDF)

UPDATES -- Manuals - Environmental Reporting - Guatemala - Merida - Estrategias de Mercadotecnia - Oaxaca Art - Mongolia

MAY 2006

g Auction: Bid on a trip to Copper Canyon
g Calendar Download
g to Participate in Encuentro Internacional por la Naturaleza
g Certification at Oaxaca's Pochote Market
g How the margarita got its name - Jeanine Kitchel
g Comments on COP-8 in Curitiba - Frank Segieth
g Launches Tourism Marketing Survey
g Communities, Tourism and Poverty Alleviation in Africa - Planeta Forum
b COP-8 Photoset - Frank Segieth
b Greenpeace ranks ''COP-8 worst delegations'' - Agencia Brasil
b I Want to Volunteer Abroad - World Hum
b AAA Rockshow
b Galápagos, la mejor clase de ciencias en vivo - María Eugenia Monroy/Travesias
b En Boca Cerrada No Entran Moscas. Tampoco Salen - Vicglamar Torres León
b The Rebel Sell - This Magazine
b Usumacinta River Trip - Bill Lieberman
b Commons-based peer production - Wikipedia
b Coase's Penguin - Wikipedia
b World Heritage Sites: More Harm Than Good? - Newsweek
b Examine Everything - Soll Sussman/Texas Observer
b Anthony Bourdain wants you to be a traveler, part II - Vagablogging
b The ongoing debate about travelers and tourists - Vagablogging
b Bears acquire Lipso Nava, ink outfielder Devore - OurSports Central
b Launches Tourism Marketing Survey - Ewire
b Bienvenidos al Museo de Arte Popular
b 26 Scientists - Artichoke
b Mesoamerican Reef Alliance
b Inician trabajos de deslinde de tierras de Chimalapas - Imparcial
b Clay Ceiling - Washington Post
b Villains honoring villains - Bill Berkowitz/Working for Change
b Galapagos Now - Julian Smith/Washington Post
b Urban Hiking in Rio de Janeiro - BrazilMax
b Casting a Legacy - State News
b Rugby de Exportacion - Podcast
b Aisles and aisles of good times - Maria Puente/USA Today
b CAST's April 2006 Globe Trotter - Sustainable Tourism Mailing List
b If newspapers are to rise again - Tim Porter
b The mood of the newsroom - Tim Porter
b Santa Ana Zegache - Colonial Mexico
b Nick Anderson - The Houston Chronicle
b Sylvie Blangy
b Thai Visa
b Torta ahogada, símbolo del mestizaje alimenticio - Jornada
b Google unveils Web-based calendar - CNET
b Hotel en la sierra Tarahumara contamina aguajes - La Jornada
b Search users 'stop at page three' - BBC
b This Boring Headline Is Written for Google - New York Times
b Telly- Tubbies - Maine Web Report
b Travels with iPod - National Geographic Traveler
b In the beginning was sound - BBC
b Citizens "versus" GWU - Urban Places
b Seeds of Promise - Chicago Tribune
b Podcast Alley
b Are PR Directors Posting Glowing Online Reviews? - Media Orchard
b Head in the Cloudforests - Dominic Hamilton/Perceptive Travel
b "The Amazing Race": A Good Travel Show? - World Hum
b La Familia - Hal Marcus
g Familia Mendoza on Flickr
g Road to Teotitlan on Flickr
g Criollo Corn on Flickr
g Zapotec Quiz on Flickr
g Mely Bus on Flickr
b City Parks - Flickr
b World Museums - Flickr
b Encuentro Internacional por la Naturaleza El Turismo Responsable y las Áreas Naturales Protegidas - IMAC
b Pacto Huatulco (PDF)
b Report on Expert Workshop on Protected Areas - CBD (PDF)
b Ecotourism Management Newsletter Spring 2006 (PDF)
b Having Furniture Made in Mexico - Mexico Connect (subscription)
b Exploring Mexico's Markets - Mexico Connect (subscription)


b Maine Web Report
b Maine Office of Tourism
b Blogger Sued for Posts Criticizing Maine's Department of Tourism - World Hum
b State Tourism Promo Funds Up, Visitor Numbers Down - Lincoln County News
b Blogger who criticized Maine tourism office faces lawsuit - Boston Globe
b State tourism policies spark online debate - Press Herald
b How not to fight a web war - Eweek
b Warren Kremer Paino Withdraws Lawsuit - MWR
b State Legislator Calls for Investigation, Contract Suspension - MWR
b Lance Dutson - Technorati

UPDATES -- Australia - Marketing Spotlight - Tourism and Crafts - Poverty Alleviation - Panama - Pochote Market - Huatulco - Guelaguetza - Advisors - Travel Checklist - Press Room - Garden Notebook - Web Link Criteria - Tales from the Yucatan - Yucatan - Active Participation Notebook - Editing Tips

JUNE 2006

g Calendar Download
g Steve Bridger Wins 2006 Colibri Ecotourism Award
g San Martín Tilcajete
g Conversation with H. Peter Jorgensen
g Pronoia Book Review
g Improving the Dialogue: Responsible Tourism and Conservation
g Results from the 2006 Water Survey
g Exploring Bristol
g Maps and Legends Notebook
b Si, Se Puede - Michael Ventura/Austin Chronicle
b Berlín - Yaotzin Botello/Travesias
b El rescate del lago, la semana próxima - La Jornada
b Advertising the Wrong Message - Tim Porter
b The Gas is Half Full -- or Half Empty - Tim Porter
b Travel-time Maps - My Society
b Mesoamerican Reef - Summit Foundation
b Mesoamerican Reef Tourism Initiative - Eco-Index
b Proceedings of the ICOMOS 15th General Assembly and Scientific Symposium - Xi'an, China, 17-21 October 2005
b World Monuments Fund
b National Parks Conservation Ads - WorldChanging
b Endangered Heritag Sites - Tony Burton/Mexico Connect
b World Monuments Fund
b Sustainable tourism -
b Buenos Aires - SAE
b Grasshoppers offer a taste of a different culture - Austin American Statesman
b Confessing to the Converted - New York Times
b Confessions of an Economic Hit Man - Democracy Now
b John Perkins
b 'Pronoia' invites surrender to the unfathomable - SF Gate
b War and Peace ... and the Ecotourist - Ron Mader/green-travel
b Procrustes - Wikipedia
b ISEAL Alliance
b Quality Manifesto - Tim Porter
b Florcanto: Exploring Mexican Culture
b Cross Border Baseball - Jon Clark/Sierra Vista Herald
b Scoop: Spread the Love - Student Traveler
b Slow Progress, Translation Problems Plague Biodiversity Session in Brazil - SEJ
b Worldmapper: A New World View - World Changing
b Tracking Global Violence: Are things Getting Better? - World Changing
b Your Actions Follow You Around - World Changing
b Mr. Special Foreign Man Won't Read Anything Not Written In His Own Language - The Onion
b Human Security Report
b Burning Man
b The tourist trap - Guardian
b The Rise of "Celebrity Colonialism" - World Hum
b Jim Macbeth Interview - ECOCLUB
b Skipping in nature - Steve Bridger
b Summer of Green - Google
b Community Tourism Helps Fishing Village - Brazilmax
b Caminhos de Pedra: Living Museum of Italian Immigration - BrazilMax
b Trading Trawlers for Tourism in Paraty's Tropical Fjord - BrazilMax
b Australia's meteoric rise from Gondwana - The Age
b A kind of travel where green means giving back - Kristin Jackson/The Seattle Times
b An Interview with Joe Cummings - Joshua Berman/Transitions Abroad
b México y Suiza organizarán festival sobre ritos funerarios - La Jornada
b A Practical Guide to Good Practice: Managing Environmental Impacts in the Marine Recreation Sector - TOI
b Oaxaca Estudio Abierto
b Jaragua National Park - TNC
b World Tourism Organization fires environment consultant - Dominican Today
b World Environment Day 2006: Photo Gallery - Mountain Forum
b Legoland
b Hidden Gems of Jalisco - Mary Piotrowski/Mexico Connect
b El Pueblo Unido - Michael Ventura/Austin Chronicle
b National Association of Farmers Markets (UK)
b Texas General Land Office Signs Lease to Create the Largest Offshore Wind Farm in U.S. History - GLO
b What would it take to be 100% green? Less than you think" - WorldChanging
b Tranquilo Traveler: Adventuring in the Blogosphere - OJR
b Mexico creates border nature reserve that could help discourage illegal crossings - AP
b Raiz de la imagen - CLACPI
b Democracy and Independence: Sharing News and Politics in a Connected World, June 29-July 1, 2006 - Media Giraffe
b Mountain Forum Bulletin (PDF)
b Remittance Outcomes in Rural Oaxaca (PDF)


g Aboriginal Tourism Australia Announcements
g Guatemala - News from Retalhuleu (Reu)
g Business and Finance: Exit Strategies
g 2006 Mushroom Fair


b Dewey Award - SXSW
b Date set for TravelMole Web Awards
b Humble Hummingbird - Steve Bridger/afterwilma


b Fondo del BID aprueba donación para turismo rural comunitario en Costa Rica - IDB


b Goodbye portals, hello identity - Mike Butcher
b Love - Wikipedia
b Fallacies of definition - Wikipedia
b Stub - Wikipedia


g City Environments
g Ecoturismo Urbano y Vias Verdes
g Using the Web to Carve a Niche
g The Value of Local Culture
g Introducing the Blackbox
g Black Sheep Inn
g San Martin Tilcajete
b World Deserts (group)
b Flickr Founders - Time


g Congreso Sobre Turismo y Areas Protegidas - Festival Musica por la Tierra, Huatulco
b Turismo y Áreas Protegidas - Terra
b El caracol púrpura, en peligro de extinción - La Jornada
b Baile y tolerancia fue la consigna de cientos de jóvenes al cerrar Música por la Tierra - La Jornada
b El caracol púrpura, en peligro de extinción - La Jornada
b Toquín playero por la Tierra, en Huatulco - La Jornada
b Inauguran el ''Festival Música por la Tierra'' - Cronica


b Emiten Pasaporte para fomentar el Turismo Ecológico Responsable - Presidencia
b Promueven Pasaporte para visitar áreas naturales - CONACYT
b Pasaporte de la Conservación - CONANP


g Guide to Communication in Sustainable Tourism
b Role of Communication in Sustainable Tourism
b Guidebooks - Ron Mader
b Signage - Ron Mader


g Eldis Webtour
b Tourism Introduction - Eldis
b Tourism Practical Information - Eldis
b Tourism Challenges - Eldis


g Parks
g Parks - Planeta Forum
g Mexico Parks Explained
g Mexico Parks Index
g Spotlight on CONANP (Mexico)

UPDATES -- El valor de comunicación - Web Link Criteria - Email - Puebla City - United Nations Spotlight - Laos - Geography Guide - Desert Guide - Playa del Carmen - World Cup - Huixquilucan - Things to do in Oaxaca City - Brazil - Seminars - Sports Notebook - Forum Guidelines - Top Email Tips - Eco Travels in Oaxaca - Bridging Tourism and Technology

GALLERIES -- Maps - Basketball


g City Environments
b World Carfree Network
b Making Transit Sexy - Rebuilding Place
b Ecoturismo - La Cronica
b Vias Verdes
b Fundación de los Ferrocarriles Españoles
g The Green Belt Movement
b International Mountain Biking Association (IMBA)
b Wangari Maathai - Wikipedia
g City Environments
g Ecoturismo Urbano y Vias Verdes - Flickr
g Urban Ecotourism - Mexico Connect (subscription)


Leading campaigners and Tourism Concern conducted a six-week online dialogue focusing on today's big issue: ethical tourism.

g Ethical Travel Dialogue
g Summary: Key Comments
g Ethical Travel Forum
g Ethics Notebook


g What is 'ethical' travel?

g How can tourism be used to alleviate poverty?

g How should ethical products and services be marketed?

g How should an ethical traveler select places to visit?

g Does global warming make it ethical to travel?

g What are the ethics of volunteering?

JULY 2006

g Calendar Download
g Oaxaca FAQ
g and Transitions Abroad Launch Responsible Travel Resource Directory
g Launches Survey on Community Tourism Guides
g Guelaguetza
g Mexico Election Reporting
g Exploring UNAM
g Chocolate Oaxaca
b Eight great destinations for dessert - Erica Silverstein
b How to create successful markets - PPS
b Mexico Votes 2006 - Washington Post
b El barro de Ocotlán - Noticias
b Tourism - Dominican Today
b Historic Hacienda Inns of Jalisco
b SaRugby Annual 2006
b Marine Protected Areas Home Page - Department of the Environment and Heritage
b Resumen del Congreso Sobre Turismo y Areas Protegidas - IMAC
b China travel industry blog
b Development Seed Blog
b Casa de la Máscara - Bill Masterson
b Santo Amaro do Maranhao
b The Earth-Hugger Returns - Independent
b “Budget” is a bad word for advertisers - Tim Leffel
b It's Not Easy Being Green - Tim Leffel
b El rugby mexicano en pleno crecimiento - Germán Vismara/URU
b Xcalak Info
b Protecting a Treasure Along the Mayan Coast - EDF
b Blind Men and an Elephant - Wikipedia
b Narrowcasting - Wikipedia
b Americas - Globe and Mail
b Editors blog - BBC
b The Porter and the Mountain - BBC
b New Zealand Tourism Strategy
b Sustainable tourism: making tourism work for the poor - Eldis
b Can tourism help reduce poverty in Africa - ODI
b Public Diplomacy Watch
b Berkley Pit, Montana - Roadside America
b Sustainable tourism in Ecuador - ContraCostaTimes
b Conservationists Thinking Big to Save the Last Great Places - Yale
b Wellington, New Zealand - Flickr
b Sumidero Canyon - Flickr


b Curso de Periodismo Ambiental (Ciudad de Mexico)

UPDATES -- Cat Herding - Bridging Tourism and Technology - Mexico Communication - Ecotourism and Spirituality - Re-Imagining North America Ecotourism


Leading campaigners and Tourism Concern conducted a six-week online dialogue focusing on today's big issue: ethical tourism.

g Ethical Travel Dialogue
g Summary: Key Comments
g Ethical Travel Forum
g Ethics Notebook


g What is 'ethical' travel?

g How can tourism be used to alleviate poverty?

g How should ethical products and services be marketed?

g How should an ethical traveler select places to visit?

g Does global warming make it ethical to travel?

g What are the ethics of volunteering?


g Calendar Download
g Texas Children's Books - Soll Sussman
g Ownership - Valere Tjolle
g Mixe Words
g Defending the Tourists, I mean Visitors, Part 2
g Tepoztlán
b Transitions Abroad at 30 - Clay Hubbs
b Agave Landscape - UNESCO
b Ethical Travel: What is a Traveler's Responsibility? - WorldHum
b Why Am I Searching the World for Mexican Food? - WorldHum
b Killing Batteries
b Amate Art of Mexico (Where the Secular Meets the Sacred) - Mexico Connect
b Bark Paper - Tony Burton/Mexico Connect
b Lazy Environmentalist
b Mexico Surfing - Flickr
b Australia Talks Back - ABC


g Oaxaca Safety
g Oaxaca News
b US warns travelers about Oaxaca City - Houston Chronicle
b Protesters Bring Tourist Town to Virtual Halt in Mexico - Associated Press

UPDATES -- Edible, Eco Mushroom Fair - British Columbia - Volunteering - Conversation with Michelle Kirby and Andres Hammerman - Conscientious Tourism - Recycling - Sumidero Canyon - Saltillo - Email Top Tips - Goodness Sells

2007 PREP -- Tourism and Indigenous People - Australia


g Calendar Download
g LAMP Launches Media Pros Directory
g Mexico News Survey
g Wikis
g Launches 2006 Book of the Year Award
g Tourism, Crisis and Improving the Conversation
g Tourism Marketing Survey Results
g Summary: Key Comments from the Ethical Travel Dialogue
b What's wrong in Oaxaca? - Seattle Times
b Passionate period shouldn't deter tourists in Mexico - San Diego Union Tribune
b The Future of Sustainability - IUCN
b Travelscoop New Zealand
b The Chapulin
b Urban Nature
b Lazy Environmentalist
b Digg
b A World without Waste - ABC
b Past and Future of Australian Rules Football - ABC
b There ain't no such thing as eco-tourism - Alternet
b NGO Networks: Building Capacity in a Changing World (PDF)
b Tourist Destinations - WorldMapper
b Tourism Profit - WorldMapper
b The Future of Travel - Simon Calder/Belfast Telegraph
b Flow : information for Okavango Delta planning (Botswana)
b La producción artesanal en Mesoamérica - Arqueológia
b The Fated Forest - Dudley Althaus/Houston Chronicle
b Mexico Plans Controls for the Sea of Cortez and its Bordering Land Areas - Barnard R. Thompson/Mexidata
b Consulta Pública de la propuesta del Programa del Ordenamiento Ecológico Marino del Golfo de California
b Down Mexico way: Efforts to preserve river in Sonora flowing along -
Jonathan Clark/SV Herald

b Ecoturismo y mejora de los medios de vida de las comunidades rurales en los Andes - InfoAndina
b Conferencia Electrónica: Ecoturismo y mejora de los medios de vida de las comunidades rurales en los Andes
b Is the Vegas slogan causing problems for police?
b Exhibe Museo Comunitario de San Miguel Tequixtepec - Milenio
b Toasting ecotourism's potential - WorldChanging
b Immigration Wildfires - Michael Ventura/Austin Chronicle
b Preocupación de académicos extranjeros - Noticias
b What's wrong in Oaxaca? - Seattle Times

UPDATES -- Geography - Weather - Jalisco - Melbourne - Huamantla's Prayer Rugs


g Bryce Canyon
g Grand Canyon
g Zion


g Calendar Download
g Toward Effective Communication in Responsible Travel and Ecotourism
g Ecotourism and Coffee Communities in Oaxaca - Brent Valentine
g Development Assistance Network for Tourism Enhancement and Investment - Planeta Forum
g Carbon Emission Offsetting - Planeta Forum
g Greening Trade and Technology
g Tourism Ethics (review)
g 2006 Book of the Year Award
g Things to do in Guadalajara
g Oaxaca Today
g Oaxaca Today Dialogue
g Oaxaca News
g Oaxaca Safety
g Sustainability Versus Air Conditioning
g Ethical Travel
g Bosque La Primavera
g Canyonlands
g Exploring the Grand Canyon
g 2007 Rural Tourism Fair Announcement
g Make your travel dollars worth a fortune (review)
g Bosque La Primavera - Flickr
b Conversation with Clay Hubbs - Rolf Potts
b Travel globally, spend locally - Jeffrey McDonald/Christian Science Monitor
b A contrarian trip to Europe - MSNBC
b Oaxaca Visitors 'Run for Cover' - World Hum
b Discussions on Ecotourism and Biodiversity - Practical Environmentalist
b Practical Environmentalist
b Trip Advisor Cancun Wiki - afterwilma
b Cancún: Travelling during Hurricane Season - Trip Advisor
b Lost in Place
b Oaxaca: So you still wanna go check it out? - AdventureTravelLogue
b Uncovering Mexico
b Montañas de Mexico - Flickr
b A quantum mechanical view of bi-location - What the bleep
b Travel goes radical for the carbon conscious - The Australian
b Babs to Brisbane
b Is Oaxaca Safe to Visit? - Traditions Mexico
b sane, balanced, ACCURATE reports on Oaxaca - Thorn Tree
b Taking the plunge - Daniel Schecter/The Herald
b Penguin Obsessed - Flickr
b Sphinx Avenue - Flickr
b Goddess Mut - Flickr
b La Carta Europea del Turismo Sostenible en los espacios protegidos (PDF)

UPDATES -- Active Participation - Bananas - Security - Healing the Disconnect - Fair Trade - Climate Change - Re-Imagining North America Ecotourism Conference - Ecuador - Recycling - Organic Markets in Oaxaca - Day of the Dead - Seminars - Improving the Dialogue: Responsible Tourism and Conservation - Marketing Ecotourism - Walk with the Weavers - Communication in Sustainable Tourism
photos in Oaxaca Today More photos in Oaxaca Today


g Calendar Download
g Celebrating Day of the Dead in Mexico
g Contrarian Travel: Conversation with Tim Leffel
g Community Tourism and the Hopi and Navajo - Sue Beeton
g Community Development through Tourism (book review)
g New Key to Costa Rica (book review)
g Ecotourism Certification and Marketing
g New Zealand Links
g 2006 Book of the Year Award
g Read This First - Planeta Forum
b Go to Nicaragua
b "Gleaner" Slams Jamaica Tourism Development - TravelMole
b Red Flags - Jamaica Gleaner
b Piedrazos - Go-Oaxaca Forum
b Historic Hacienda Inns of Western Mexico Offering Equestrian Tours - PR Web
b Poems of Rainer Maria Rilke - Poemhunter
b Ecoturismo en el Ejido Emiliano Zapata, Bosque La Primavera, Jalisco
b Sustainable Travel and Study Abroad - Transitions Abroad
b Alicia Patterson Foundation
b Best use of Google Maps - nfp 2.0
b Cause and Effect - nfp 2.0
b Freebies and Billable Hours - Technology for the Nonprofit
b Artelar Flickr Gallery
b Mexico-Australia Airfare - Thorn Tree
b International Living
b Ode to Frida - Miss Etsy
b Jamay, Mi Tierra
b Laws of Simplicity
b Tear down this wall - Wikipedia
b Adventure Travel Logue
b Email is for old people - Chronicle
b Green Giant - Guardian
b Rail Trail: Bristol and Bath
b Science Tourism in São Paulo - BrazilMax
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b In Oaxaca, a Different Kind of Day of the Dead - World Hum
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b The Real Deal in Oaxaca - Book Locker
b Tourists mingle with riot police in Mexico's Oaxaca - Reuters
b In Oaxaca, a Different Kind of Day of the Dead - WorldHum
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g Emerging Industry Forum Recommends Donors Take Market-Based Approach to Ecotourism Development
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b Ecolabels in tourism: what are they and why so many? - Ralph Pina
b Ecolabels in tourism: do they have a future? - Ralf Pina/Ecoafrica
b Ecolabels in tourism: eco-colonialism or eco-protectionism? - Ralph Pina
b What's in a zocalo? - Jeremy Schwartz/Austin American Statesman
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b Blogging: Consider the Conversation
b Réflexion sur la certification de l’écotourisme - Ron Mader (PDF)


g Oaxaca Newsgoogled
g Oaxaca Safety
g barricadas - Flickr
b Plenty of Blame to Go Around for Turmoil in Mexico's Oaxaca - World Politics Watch
b Oaxaca, la reconstrucción trás sismo social - Alejandro Torres and Jorge Octavio Ochoa/Universal


b How Much Reality Can You Take? - Monbiot
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b Scientists unveil plans for eco-friendly plane - Guardian
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b Is flying really evil? - Guardian
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b Slideshare
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