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Last Updated (created in 1994 by Ron Mader) is a handcrafted website maintained in old school code with a smattering of social web niceties. We invite locals and visitors to share practces of eco-friendly, people-friendly and place-friendly travel.

Good news, this year we celebrate our 20th anniversary! Poke around! There are many ways to get involved. Suggestions are welcome as we upgrade this site. Watch and join our hangouts.

Open for Collaboration: 2015 Open Access Week, Oct 19-25 #openaccess


g Hanging Out in July and August
g Indigenous Peoples Week 2015
g EngageRT in #MosselBay #SouthAfrica
g Responsible Travel Week #rtweek15
g Jarcieria El Arte Oaxaqueño Closes, Don Nico Alive


Open Access Week is a global event now entering its ninth year and takes place October 19-25, 2015. This is an opportunity for academic and research communities to learn about the benefits of Open Access, to share what they’ve learned with colleagues, and to help inspire wider participation in helping to make Open Access a new norm in scholarship and research.

RESPONSIBLE LOCAL TRAVEL IN THE USA and host a lively conversation taking stock of where the USA stands in terms of responsible travel / Indigenous tourism / ecotourism / agritourism / sustainable travel and what we would like to see improve in 2015. We spotlight community and regional practioneers and consider whether it's time for new associations / organizations / working groups.

Responsible Local Travel in the USA
brings together innovative people who are creating a better world. We will spotlight local businesses and organizations, directly and indirectly connected to tourism. As this is an online dialogue, we will make the most of the social web, using crowdsourced documents, surveys and video conversations to broaden the discussion. Special efforts are taken to make this as transparent and as open access as possible.


When hangouts debuted a few years ago, they were mostly glitchy and unreliable. They can still be glitchy – the frame freezing or sound disappearing – but those moments are relatively rare. What hangouts deliver is an opportunity to see and hear the other person. We have taken to promoting and archiving candid and unscripted conversations with colleagues around the world to unpack recent events, preview upcoming conferences and generally have a pleasant chat about common interests. Have a look and listen at our most recent hangouts

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