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Mexico News Seminar
conducted by Tom Buckley


Mexico News Seminar examines how topical issues are covered in today's national and foreign press.


For those who need to know the difference between the editorial stance of Reforma and La Jornada or have questions about the rise and fall of El Independiente, this seminar provides an in-depth analysis of select journals and newspapers.


Mexico News Seminar will appeal to English-speaking professionals who need a better understanding of the often-murky Mexico news scene. Target audiences include media (journalists, editors and authors), academics (educators, students, librarians) and other professionals who need to learn more about contemporary Mexico.


Tom Buckley brings an encyclopedic sweep to his daily analysis of news coverage in the Mexico News Seminar. His background essays pull no punches. I found myself quoting from him for an article after just a couple of days. If you know nothing of Mexico City's newly invigorated press, this is a great place to start. If you think you know something, this is a great place to learn more.
- Mark Fitzgerald, Editor & Publisher Columnist

Even if you are well-informed about Mexico, Mexico News Seminar offers tools to become better-informed and to use news sources more effectively.
- Mary Turck, Editor, Resource Center of the Americas

Mexico News Seminar fills an important void for those of us who have a keen interest in our southern neighbor but don't have time to wade through a myriad of publications. It provides an incisive summary of the day's most important events and their potential fallout, both in Mexico and beyond.
- David Brackney, Los Angeles, journalist/author

"An excellent and concise resource for Mexico watchers who need up-to-the-minute information. Mexico News Seminar provides a balanced, objective approach to the often conflicting news reports and information originating from a variety of sources. A great first stop for any professional or interested individual."
-Albert Sgambati, Mexico City/New York City, journalist/author

Mexico News Seminar is the best English-language analysis of today's media coverage of Mexico's politics. If you don't have time to read five daily papers and keep track of radio and television broadcasts, Tom does this work for you.
- Ron Mader, founder


Mexico News Seminar is conducted by Tom Buckley and features a daily essay analyzing news coverage in a cross-section of Mexico City newspapers and news magazines.

Participants need to budget at least one hour each day for reading and assignments. Questions and observations from participants are incorporated into the discussion.


El Financiero - El Universal - La Jornada - Milenio - Palapa - Proceso - Reforma


Tom Buckley has spent more than 11 years as a journalist in Mexico City and is the former managing editor of the Mexico City-based monthly, Business Mexico and the daily News. He received his masters degree in Latin American Studies at the University of Texas at Austin.

Currently, Tom is working on an expanded version of Interpreting Contemporary Mexico: How the Media Cover Mexico.

Mexico News Seminar


Group and classroom discounts can be negotiated.


Mexico has a grand tradition of journalism that dates to the scribes of the 16th century. The first newspaper appeared in 1722. Since then, journalists have survived episodes of repression, including assassination, to keep the public informed through nearly three centuries of turmoil and upheaval.

In the past quarter century, Mexican journalism has experienced dramatic change, enjoying greater freedom and independence as editorial objectivity and investigative journalism find root.

Readers must exercise selectivity (there are more than 30 newspapers in Mexico City alone) and sift through media that demonstrate active partisanship and conspicuous ideological bias.

As Mexico continues its transition to democracy, the free press looks to evolve into a reliable source of objective reporting, analysis and commentary. At the same time, publishers are battling severe economic crises that have caused many newspapers to reduce staff and lower wages, eliminate supplements and cut back on editions printed.


For assistance in promoting this seminar, thanks to Online Journalism Review, Mexicanwave, International Journalists' Network, Society of Environmental Journalists, Editor's Web Blog, the Institute of Latin American Studies, Resource Center of the Americas and members of Latin America Media Project.



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