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01 • January • Enero

Photo: Eternity

January 1 New Years Day

New Year

January 6 Epiphany / Reyes Magos


January 15 Wikipedia Day


January 25 Robert Burns Day (Scotland)

January 25 Biologists’ Day = Día del Biólogo (Mexico)

January 25 is Biologists’ Day in México (Día del Biólogo)

January 26 Australia Day / Invasion Day (Australia)

Australia Day / Invasion Day

January 26

Floating Dates
Third Monday in January
Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (USA)

Martin Luther King, Jr

Wellington Anniversary Day is the Monday that falls closest to January 22 and is observed as a public holiday within the old provincial boundaries.




12 • December • Diciembre

02 • February • Februar

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