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03 • March • Marzo

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Celebrations in March include World Wildlife Day, International Women’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, World Water Day, International Day of Forests, World Meteorological Day, Commonwealth Day, Artisan Day in Oaxaca, and Yap Day in Micronesia.

Other annual events include Open Education Week. Birthdays: Benito Juárez. There is also an equinox!

March SXSWAustin

March Open Education Week

Annual celebrations
March 1 Yap Day (Micronesia)

March 1 Saint David’s Day (Wales) Dydd Gwyl Dewi Hapus – Happy St. David’s Day!

March 3 World Wildlife Day

March 8 International Women’s Day

March 17 St. Patrick’s Day (Ireland)

March 19 Folk Artist Day, Dia del Artesano (Oaxaca, Mexico)

March 20 UN International Day of Happiness

March 21 Equinox

March 21 Birthday: Benito Juárez (Mexico)

March 21 International Day of Forests

March 22 World Water Day

March 23 World Meteorological Day

March 23 Anniversary of Wright Brothers’ first flight in 1903
The Wright Brothers Patent the Miracle of Flight This Day in 1903

Commonwealth Day is the annual celebration of the Commonwealth of Nations held on the second Monday in March

Children’s Day – First Sunday in March (New Zealand)



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