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04 • April • Abril

Photo: Kimberley Collins (@2kimi_collins), Royal Penguins (Some rights reserved)

We are celebrating the month of April, Citizen Science Month, Opening Day in Major League Baseball, also World Heritage Day, aka the International Day for Monuments and Sites and happy Earth Day! This is the month of 420 and the continuing legalization of recreational marijuana in the USA. Founding of Mexican cities Santa Maria del Tule and Cancún. Freedom Day. Penguin Day. Anzac Day. Noise Awareness Day. Tapir Day. Children’s Day. Spanish Language Day … Dia del idioma español. National Park Week. Dark Sky Week.

April 1 April Fool’s Day (USA)

April 14 Día de las Américas

April 14-15 New Year celebration (Laos)
Lao New Year

April 18 World Heritage Day
ICOMOS International Day for Monuments and Site

April 20 Founding of Santa Maria del Tule, Mexico

April 20 Founding (1970) of Cancún, Mexico

April 20 420


April 21 Birthday: John Muir (1838 – 1914) (Scotland / USA)

April 22 Earth Day

April 23 Saint George’s Day (England)

April 23 International Spanish Language Day (El Día Mundial del Idioma Español)

April 25 Anzac Day (Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand)

April 25 Founding of Oaxaca City

April 25 World Penguin Day

April 27 Freedom Day (South Africa)

April 27 World Tapir Day

April 30 Children’s Day (El Día Del Niño) (Mexico)
Children’s Day

Monthlong Celebrations

April is Citizen Science month

Floating Dates

April National Park Week (USA)

Last Friday in April Arbor Day (USA)
Arbor Day

International Noise Awareness Day
Center for Hearing and CommunicationFacebook
You Have to Make Some Noise to End It!

Elsewhere on the Web
April Theme – National Park Service



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