Greetings to all those paying attention to the Climate Change Conference #COP21.

We’re asking how well the conference connects with remote participants and we want to know what’s taking place and what’s making news. This is a call for public facing with rewards and kudos forthcoming. Please share suggestions and comments below.

Transcript: Hey world. Ron Mader here from

Like many of you, I am really keen on finding out what’s going to take place this week at the world climate change conference #COP21 taking place in Paris. And like many of you I am not going to be there so I’m speaking on behalf of remote participants: What can we access? What can we see? And does it make sense? There’s a question I think we should ask of this event in terms of its being public-facing or facing the public. Do the words and do the jargon make sense? Or how do we best make sense out of what’s being said and what’s being done? So we will pay attention using that #cop21 hashtag. Wish you all the best and thanks for helping us out.

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