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Supporting Pochote Xochimilco (2016)

Members of the Pochote Xochimilco Market in Oaxaca, Mexico have staged a peaceful protest in the Plaza de la Danza outside the City Hall (Palacio Municipal). Neighbours from the Xochimilco neighborhood have complained about the market and demand its removal. The protest seeks to show support for the market. Details on Facebook

Consider me present in my absence. As a long-time friend and chronicler of the Pochote Market, I would be at this event if I were still in Oaxaca. I would listen and simply accompany my friends: Acompañamiento Ya!

Let me make my bias and Yelp recommendation public. Pochote Xochimilco Market is one of the best attractions, places to visit in the country of Mexico. Because of its history and location, it is one of the best markets in the world.

Let me thank the the members of the Pochote for being tireless ambassadors of Oaxacan culture. It’s here where I learned my limited vocabulary in Ayuuk, Chinanteco, Mixteco andZapoteco. Pochote has supporters from Barrio Xochimilco as well as the rest of the city, state, country and world.

Also, many thanks to the Templo de Santo Tomas Xochimilco for offering the atrium as a venue for these positive encounters. Those working for the church have all been saints in my eyes. Compassion is not only spoken, but enacted by the church.

Request — please share photos and videos, and may peace be with you all.

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