The 7th World Congress of the Finno-Ugric peoples will take place June 15-17 in the Sibelius Hall in Lahti, Finland.

The theme of the event is “The Finno-Ugric Peoples – Towards Sustainable Development.” The Congress unites the Finno-Ugric and Samoyed peoples with the aim of discussing issues dealing with the preservation and reviving of the languages and cultures of these peoples, as well as issues concerning the rights of Indigenous and minority peoples.

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Some History

The first World Congress of Finno-Ugric peoples was organized in 1992 in Syktyvkar in the Komi Republic in Russia, the second World Congress in 1996 in Budapest in Hungary, the 3rd Congress in the year 2000 in Helsinki, the 4th Congress in 2004 in Tallinn, the fifth Congress in 2008 in Khanty-Mansyisk in Russia, the 6th Congress in 2012 in Siófok in Hungary.

For more information on the previous World Congresses please see the following sites:

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Nyt se alkaa. Lahteen ja suom.-ugr. maailmankongressiin. 3vrk pelkkää ugriasiaa! @Balentina1985


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