June 1 (1230pm Las Vegas, 230pm Minneapolis, 330pm NYC). Be safe out there!!

And is there an app for that?

Don’t not travel — the whole world is not a red zone. In today’s world, be attentive and informed when traveling. Our hangout shared tips on the smart use of your smartphone when visiting unfamiliar places.

Michael Becker

Rainer Jenss

Ron Mader

Deborah McLaren

Questions for the audience:

What safety concerns do you have when traveling to unfamiliar places?

Do you rely on different apps when traveling at home or abroad?

What online communities exist to share travel experiences and safety information?

Question from Michael Becker: 

How many audience participants have traveled somewhere which is considered risky only to have discovered they met wonderful people and had a great experience?


Local travel USA is a lively conversation taking stock of where the USA stands in terms of conscious travel, responsible travel, Indigenous tourism, ecotourism, agritourism, sustainable travel – and what we would like to see improve. We spotlight existing community and regional practitioners and consider whether it’s time for new associations, organizations and working groups.

As this is an online dialogue, we will make the most of the social web, usingcrowdsourced documents, surveys and video conversations to broaden the discussion. Special efforts are taken to make this as transparent and as open access as possible.

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