This week Istanbul, Turkey hosts the 40th Session of UNESCO’s World Heritage Committee July 10-20, 2016. Hashtag: #40whc

One issue has come to the forefront – namely that the budget for protecting and conserving world heritage sites has been cut back at the same time that the number of protected sites is on the rise. Alarming news. What is UNESCO to do?

How to protect more with less?

Options including scaling back the annual Committee Meeting from once a year to twice a year, but that idea was rejected.

In remarks made in a video message aired at an opening ceremony to mark the 40th session of the UNESCO World Heritage Committee,Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim said: “The international community should contribute more to the work done by UNESCO and should take more responsibility in saving the heritage we inherited for the sake of our future generations.


What is the status of UNESCO’s budget?

How are World Heritage sites funded?

Is anyone publishing about #40whc online? Updating our headlines

Is anyone using #Periscope or #FacebookLive at the event? We’re happy to amplify your live video.

Watching Online

Speaking of livestreaming video: #40whc meetings are webcast. Keep an eye on the Provisional Timetable and Provisional Agenda. You can watch previous video recordings.

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