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Creating Fan Clubs for #WorldHeritage #40whc

I started watching live webcasts of UNESCO’s World Heritage Committee meetings just a couple of years ago. Here is the diplomatic process at work on the ground andlivestreaming around the globe. What’s not to like?! I am a fan of world heritage. (Soy un fanatico del patrimonio mundial.)

This week UNESCO is holding its current meeting in Istanbul, Turkey. Official website: http://40whc2016.istanbul
Hashtag: #40whc

Kudos to the organizers for documenting the decision-making in real-time. As a video experience, there have been zero technical snafus.

Observation: I cannot help notice that the viewing numbers are fairly low: 10 or 20 people watching on YouTube. So I’m hoping this feature prompts some additional viewers to take a look at UNESCO Live, hashtag #40whc


and Youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bkghlaUu0Zk

Let me candid. Some might say that #40WHC is boring. I’d argue that it’s slow viewing at its finest, best shared and live tweeted. This is a spectacular showcase for the world’s cultural heritage discussed by the world’s cultural custodians.

With the goal of making this a more engaged conversation, I have a few wild ideas and suggestions to improve on this and future meetings:

Create fan clubs of individual nominations. Solicit fan art or at least some tweets with a particular hashtag. This is the time to make a big deal about #lecorbusier.

Le Corbusier balconies

When you think of Mexico, have you ever imagined or searched for ? Some might think I’m fond because it’s a tongue-twister. Yes. And Wild Mexico is the Mexico I most love exploring with amigos, friends (and how to say ‘friends’ in Turkish?).


Specific to tourism, is there a way that @info_whc and @kultur_istanbul could tweet about the local travel? What would locals like visitors to know about Istanbul? Who are the people of outstanding value to visit in Turkey? I’d love to see the faces (and names with permission of course) of the people. Share your field trips and adventures outside the congress hall. Bonus points if you can post photos on Flickr with a Creative Commons license.

I don’t mean to suggest that all of the improvements are the responsibility of the organizers. There is no mainstreaming without livestreaming, but livestreaming is well accompanied by action on the ground.

Around the globe there could and should be all sorts of local tie ins. Viewing parties. Satellite events. Something more engaging. Something along the lines of register your own event.

Question for event organizers: Do you encourage satellite events?

TV programs are a must. Is any video being broadcast on local stations? On our local public tv we get the evergreen travel shows monday-friday. What if mainstream broadcasters talked up World Heritage Week? It would be an ideal fit for a globe-minded news program. And don’t dismiss the game shows. What if the game show prize was to a World Heritage area … because, you know, it’s World Heritage Week?

Now for some nerdy social web questions:

Beyond professional TV, are any of the participants streaming live from Facebook or Periscope? Are side events being recorded?

Is anyone using Google Docs to create notes or transcripts?

If comments are disabled on UNESCO’s YouTube videos, what is the easiest way to timestamp highlights?

Bonus Points: Who is this distinguished gentleman from Portugal in the photo below?

#40WHC Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 7.55.08 AM

40th Session of UNESCO's World Heritage Committee @UNESCO #whc40


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40th Session of UNESCO’s World Heritage Committee

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