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Second Climate Change Summit of the Americas #CCCA2016Jalisco

August 31-September 1 II Cumbre de Cambio Climático de las Américas / Second Climate Change Summit of the Americas (Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico)
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Lo que pasa en Jalisco impacta en todo el mundo (What happens in Jalisco impacts the world).

The Second Climate Change Summit of the Americas organized by the Government of Jalisco through the Ministry of Environment and Territorial Development, will bring together sub-national governments that make up the American continent with the aim of following up on the new challenges presented in the newly implemented 2030 development agenda and the Paris Agreements; in particular the exchange of experiences in climate action, financing and regulation and resume the commitments agreed in the Declaration of Ontario 2015.

It will feature the presence of governors, ministers and other dignitaries and representatives from several countries of our continent and the rest of the world, that will have the opportunity to share their experiences actively as well as to seek cooperation to implement the agreements reached.


What is the history and future of the summit? (We’d like to know the logistics. How does this work?) / ¿Cuál es la historia y el futuro de la cumbre? (Nos gustaría saber la logística. ¿Cómo funciona esto?)

What are the immediate and short-term outputs of the summit? /  ¿Cuáles son las salidas inmediatas y de corto plazo de la cumbre?

What are the field trips for the delegates? / ¿Cuáles son las salidas de campo para los delegados?

What’s the story about climate change? = ¿Cuál es la historia sobre el cambio climático? #roofdog


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