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Aotearoa New Zealand Hosts Wild Places Conference (2016)

Friends of New Zealand, biodiversity, wilderness and responsible, conscious ecotourism, check out hosted by . The two-day conference takes place August 10-11 in Auckland.

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Hashtag: #EDSWildPlaces2016

Twitter:@EDS_NewZealand @Forest_and_Bird   @RobSuisted

About the event

From the conference website: Wild Places define New Zealand. They evoke powerful emotions that connect us to these islands with their outstanding scenery and unique biota. They include land, lakes and rivers, and the sea. They extend over conservation, Māori and private land. Wild Places make this country special for those who live here and those who visit. Our economic welfare and country brand depends on Wild Places.

EDS’s 2016 conference will explore New Zealand’s Wild Places and assess both emerging threats and exciting new opportunities. It will draw on insights from international and local experience, case studies and workshops. It will look creatively at the development of powerful new synergies between conservation and tourism and will explore novel management and funding initiatives.


Are presentations and videos available online?

Is there a Twitter list of participants or friends of the Wild Places conference?

For visitors interested in responsible, sustainable, conscious travel in New Zealand, what are your tips and recommendations? Any caveats?

Are there any upcoming local events in New Zealand relevant to biodiversity, wilderness and conscious travel?

Embedded Tweets

If you can’t be at New Zealand’s leading environmental policy conference next week, then watch ! We’ll be live tweeting!!!

Keynote workshop speaker Rachael Eberhard @ – where possible, clips will be uploaded immediately https://vimeo.com/178120807 

First session at EDS 2016 conference. Talking about inspiring people to care about wild places.

Managing the impacts of tourism on our wild places is essential as inbound visitors increasing by 20% a year!

“Wild places need to be loved. They need champions and they need defenders.” – Gerry McSweeney

DoC & local authorities often conflcted by their dual mandate – promote tourism and development v protect wild places

Gerry McSweeney – if we forget the people that fought for our wild places, we forget the progress that we have made

There is no substitute for being in a wild place and having all your senses engaged – Peter Cochrane

Peter Cochrane says to make wild places less marginal & more central to decision making. Work in systems, not silos!

@NgaiTahu tourism present to – all our profits are returned to the trust; we report to 56,000 stakeholders

We are taking value from wild places, and recognise need for intergenerational investment back in – @NgaiTahu Tourism

Rob Suisted, Photographer from Environmental Defence Society on Vimeo.


Mā tātou katoa e atawhai i te tāonga ao turoa = Everyone has a role to play in conservation @Spokesbird


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