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Four Winds Recognition of Indigenous Tourism Leadership

Planeta.com – A call to the four corners and four winds of the earth. Do you know of a person or organization doing great work with Indigenous Tourism? Nominate them for the Indigenous People’s Week Four Winds Recognition. Nominations are open until September 10:

The announcement will be made before World Tourism Day (September 27).

Please share the poster!

August 22-September 10
Submissions will be accepted, including self-nominations. Don’t be shy! We ask about good practices and lessons learned from mistakes.

September 11-24
IPW partners and friends will review the nominees and edit the formal announcement

September 25
Final review

September 27

Formal announcement of the Four Winds Recognition on World Tourism Day

Nominees may include:
Indigenous Artisan
Indigenous-Owned Restaurants and Food Service
Indigenous-Owned Travel Company
Non-Indigenous-Owned Travel Company
Government working toward Indigenous tourism.

Indigenous Peoples Week is Planeta.com’s annual celebration of social web storytelling about Indigenous peoples and tourism around the four corners of the world. The objective is to help raise awareness of Indigenous tourism options around the world and improve digital literacy skills among Indigenous friends. Partners in this endeavour are Nutti Sámi Siida, TIME Unlimited,Madidi Jungle Ecolodge and The Travel Word.

Just because the week is over does not mean our conversation has concluded. (El hecho de que se termine la semana no significa que nuestra conversación ha concluido.)

Four Winds Recognition (Google Docs)


Indigenous Peoples Week

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