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How do you watch or listen to the Super Rugby Final? #HURvLIO

Tonight, the Super Rugby final, hashtag 

How do you watch or listen to the Super Rugby Final? Legally. I’m not trying to hack in, I’m just trying to figure out how others tune in. I’m lucky that I have ESPN and via the app (where the niche sports are available), I can tune in to the live video. But I know there are alternative audio sources before, during and after the game. Recommendations?

What do rugby fans make of Super Rugby? I’m a cranky old guy who enjoyed the game more when it was Super 12. There’s something distressing about watching the game played in half empty stadiums. Rugby cannot afford to be any nichier.

Good thing that starting tomorrow men’s and women’s rugby begin at the Rio Olympics!

Tonight though: Hurricanes v Lions from windy Wellington, New Zealand.

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Will you be supporting the Lions on Saturday?

No try given after a knock on by the Hurricanes.
3-0 after 18 mins.
The Final is LIVE on SS1.

This game could (and should) have been played in Johannesburg which likely flips the script. Home field is everything in!

Congratulations @Hurricanesrugby! ?

Deserving champs who showed immense character after falling at the final hurdle a year ago.


Why do I have a smartphone and a dumb TV? = ¿Por que tengo un smartphone y una televisora idiota? #roofdog


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