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#IPW6 Day One: Request for Introductions / Livestreaming

Day 1! Welcome to Indigenous Peoples Week, 2016. Hashtag: #ipw6

Our conversations are about to unfold on Facebook as well as Twitter and other social channels. Don’t worry.

Today: Livestreaming around 1030am PT via FacebookLive.  Direct link

Today’s requests:
If you have not done so already, please register
• Please introduce yourself and your interest or questions about Indigenous Tourism.
• Do you know of a person or organization doing great work with Indigenous Tourism? Nominate them for the #IPW6 award!
• Do you have a beloved craft made by an Indigenous artisan? Share a photo. Bonus points if you let others know how to make direct contact with the artisan.
Some background:
The objective of #IPW6 is two-fold: to raise awareness of Indigenous tourism options around the world and to improve digital literacy skills among the Indigenous tourism providers themselves.
A special round of thanks to our friends and partners, Nutti Sámi Siida, The Travel WordMadidi Jungle Ecolodge and TIME Unlimited Tours and fans of the work Transitions Abroad and OutBounding.org. Kudos for bringing us together in first place the Convention on Biological Diversity



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