Sámi Markan Jukkasjarvi

Sweden – The Sámi Markan Jukkasjarvi highlights and recognizes the Sami culture and various topics related to life in Sápmi. The event is organized by Nutti Sami Siida (a winner of the ITBW award!) and is being held this weekend (Aug 19-21) in Jukkasjarvi. For details, consult the original program and Nutti’s Facebook page.

Here are the descriptions of Saturday’s presentations translated from Swedish to English via Google Swinglish. Corrections will be made and suggestions are welcome in the comments.

12pm (3am PT) Why Sami tourism is important for the Sápmi – Lennart Pittja and Nils T Nutti.
Lennart Pittja, Sápmi Nature, has worked in Sami tourism for more than 20 years. He is vice president of the Ecotourism Association and works as a part-time coach in Swedish Lapland with sustainable tourism and Sami tourism. Lennart gives his views on the opportunities and problems of Sami tourism.Taking into account nature, the reindeer and the local community are important elements in the continued development of sustainability focus. Nils T Nutti, Nutti Sámi Siida tell about how his tourism with reindeer husbandry Foundation has developed and the significance of the Reindeer Lodge, Vuoján, Ráidu and Sámi Siida.
1:30pm (430am PT) Sami in social media – Samas muinna campaigns as language ambassadors.
“Samas muinna” is an encouraging and positive campaign for the Sami language. The goal of the campaign is that the Sami languages is seen and heard on the social web. Come and talk and write with us. Video

Sámi Markan Jukkasjarvi is an initiative that aims to highlight and emphasize the Sami. Through a wide cultural events highlighted the Sami culture and various topics related to life in Sápmi. We want to contribute to highlighting the Sami; its diversity, creativity and challenges, now- and future.

By inviting Sami actors we create a networking forum for the Sami world. The Sami culture days will be filled with lectures, different views, etc., and on Saturday evening takes yoik and music scene at the Torne River. Sami food service takes place on all days.

Sámi Markan Jukkasjarvi is a recurring cultural event, an annual summer festival in the heart of Sápmi. The event combines grand celebration with the dissemination of knowledge and inspiration and welcomes an intergenerational audience from far and wide within and outside Sápmi.

Since access to the arts and culture is important for a region to be developed and be attractive is the creative and cultural industries are a vital part of this. Nutti Sámi Siidawant to actively identify and promote Sami businesses in the neighborhood.

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