September 23-25 Gallery Weekend Mexico

Hashtag: #GWM

If you are in Mexico City this weekend, our slow local adventure of choice would be to ride the free shuttles in between some fantastic art galleries. Plus, tonight there are cocktails and there is nothing like seeing art in person to make one thirsty. Un mezcal más, por favor. Pláticanos.

Check out #GWM or Gallery Weekend Mexico. We’ll be following the #GWM hashtag and updating this feature.

Request – Please share live video and let us know where to find it on FacebookLive, Periscope, YouTube or other social web channels.

Question – Do any of the host galleries have accounts on Facebook and Twitter?

Is it possible to embed the Google map on other websites?

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Gallery Weekend Mexico Map #gwm #gwm2016

Translating the official spin:

Discover art through galleries, meet the artists and enjoy the city.

Mexico Gallery Weekend is devoted to contemporary art in Mexico City. From the magnificent range and quality of artistic production in the country, this initiative of the magazine Código proposes a program to be held annually with the aim of bringing together the artistic community and the growing number of supporters of art recently.

Mexico Gallery Weekend take place from September 23-25. The program starts on Friday at 6pm with opening cocktails at participating galleries.

The most proactive galleries Mexico City will extend their opening hours over the weekend: on Saturday from 11 am to 7 pm and Sunday from 11 am to 6 pm.

Gallery Weekend will provide a free shuttle system to facilitate travel. Two tours were designed with shuttles passing by the door of the galleries, you can check No registration is required.

This weekend dedicated to art is a space for dialogue and reflection on the production and circulation of contemporary creation. Also it aims to promote and encourage art collecting in our territory. An essential date on the agenda of the capital.

In parallel will be held the first edition of Paper Works, book fair that brings together national and international publishers active in the production of art books and editions. PaperWorks aims to open a dialogue between art and publishing field and through a careful selection process, presenting publications that result from research and artistic processes. It will be accompanied by a program of talks and presentations focused on reflection on the role of contemporary publishing, and aesthetic and narrative possibilities of art books and those by artists. Program schedules are available online

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