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How to Tweet from the World Conservation Congress (2016)


Held every four years, the 2016 IUCN World Conservation Congress will be the largest gathering of environmental policy makers since the Paris Climate Agreement and the adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals, and presents a major opportunity to start putting these deals into action.

Hawai‘i hosts the event September 1-10, 2016. Hashtag: #IUCNcongress

How to Tweet about the #IUCNCongress

To maximize the impact of next week’s congress, we encourage participants to live tweet from the event. For Twitter-newbies, we’re developing the following tips.

HT and many thanks to Richard McLellan – @RichardMcLellan – for walking the talk and showing how to live tweet environmental events, excursions and all!

• Include the #IUCNCongress hashtag
• Introduce yourself and what you’re working on
• Let people know why you’re attending
• Be generous. Quote other people
• Retweet posts you’d like to share
• Include a link to specific features or websites
• Show Live Video via Periscope
• Add a graphic / poster / photo
• Use # (hashtags)
• Use @ (mentions)

Updates and additional tips on the Planeta Wiki


Let us know if anyone has a Twitter list of congress participants, sponsor and allies.

Let us know if anyone is streaming the event via Periscope, FacebookLive or YouTubeLive or some other method. Live videos (formal and informal) are becoming the baseline for engaged international events.

Any other ideas how you’d like the virtual and natural worlds connected during the congress?

Wishlist: World Conservation Congress http://planeta.wikispaces.com/iucn2016#wishlist … @IUCN @IUCN_CEC @aloha_nature #IUCNCongress #Hawaii


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