Habitat III is the United Nations Conference on Housing and Sustainable Urban Development taking place this week in Quito, Ecuador, October 17 – 20.

The meeting takes place every 20 years, and its action-oriented outcome, known as the New Urban Agenda, will be finalized this week. It has 175 items that center around two core objectives: inclusive urbanism and sustainable urbanism.

The Agenda demands action at all layers of government, civil society, business and the private sector, to help lift up the global Sustainable Development Goals (aka SDGs) geared towards 2030.

Key Links

side events


Will the conference have livestreaming and archived video?
Will parallel events and alternative forums have live and archived video?
What is being protested at Habitat3?
Are there any relevant public Google documents?
Are there real-time transcripts of presentations from the floor?
Is there a directory of participants, preferably including Twitter handles and relevant web links?


How should we evaluate #Habitat3? Here is our wish list for the event:

1) We’d like to learn about cities
2) We’d like Habitat3 to be a window into the UN and partners
3) We’d like COP13 to be fully engaged via the social web

4) We’d like Habitat3 to engage locals in Ecuador and teach visitors about Ecuador

5) We’d like Habitat3 to be a catalyst for satellite events and viewing parties

6) We’d like Habitat3 to be particularly friendly to Indigenous Peoples and local communities

7) We’d like Habitat3 to serve as an example of responsible travel embedded in UN events

8) We’d like Habitat3 to serve as an example of Open Access,Open Education and Open Journalism

More about Habitat3 on the Planeta Wiki

Habitat 3 @Habitat3UN #Habitat3 #NewUrbanAgenda


Quito, Ecuador

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