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2016 NetHui Roadtrip: If this grabs your attention, please stand

If this grabs your attention, please stand.

New Zealand shows the world how to stage an engaging event. My current choice of a benchmark event with livestreaming video is New Zealand’s NetHui which since 2010 has made the most of face-to-face networking and online interaction. And in 2016, the annual event simply hit the road.

October 13 Nelson
October 15 South Auckland
October 17 Rotorua

NetHui brings everybody and anybody that wants to talk about the Internet together. This is a community event – made for the community, by the community. Participation and community are at the heart of NetHui. The programme isn’t decided by the top brass at InternetNZ – it’s designed by the community. The local communities help tailor the programme and lead the day.

If this grabs your attention

‘If this grabs your attention, please stand’ was the request in the final session in which participants could let others know their personal take-away from the day.’ It forced me to post a few lines on Livestream, echoing the point of a participant that there is a need and a desire for better information about and in rural New Zealand.

Key Links

What we love

  • The event has a solid ethos
  • Livestreaming is integrated into the event
  • Indigenous culture is integrated into the event
  • Respect for diverse voices is integrated into the event
  • Collective notetaking on Google is world-class

What we’d like to see

  • We’d love to see participants take us out into the streets and into the parks of Nelson, South Auckland and Rotorua if not during NetHui, then after NetHui. Can we see some #periscope and photo safaris in city parks? If this is a roadtrip, show us where you are.
  • More Māori connections! Thanks to NetHui we’ve discovered great initiatives and apps including TangataWhenua and Hika Lite… and we’re starting simple, with learning how to pronounce ‘Hui.’ … and Nethui tui. Please, if there are other apps and services that educate visitors to Māori language and culture, let us know.
  • Coverage of NZ tourism and conservation. While we understand that the event is focused on internet/computer policy, our ears perk up when you show how the travel and nature sectors in NZ are taking to the social web.

‘No teacher left behind’

1:16:50 (closing)

“Stay curious & keep sharing” @jordantcarter

‘Teach behaviours, not the platform’

#Nethui Screen Shot 2016-10-12 at 3.48.17 PM

No Teacher Left Behind #NetHui



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