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Māori Innovation on the Social Web #NetHui

2016’s NetHui Roadtrip continues. Saturday: destination Auckland, South Auckland, New Zealand.

Māori are key innovators of digital technology. This session will discuss entrepreneurship, improving access, opportunities for iwi and hapū and how Māoritanga can influence and be influenced by the Internet.

Starting Time: 11:30am, level 2, room 202
Warren Williams – Digitaltaniwha.com
Amber Craig – InternetNZ
Manawa Udy – Bob + Bob Creative Ltd
Questions to consider:
  • What does the internet do well for Māori culture? For Māori business? For Māori Leadership?
  • As natural entrepreneurs, how has, how does, or how could the internet provide new tools, and new frontiers for Māori?
  • What does the internet mean for the connection of Māori back to their whānau, hāpu and iwi?  And for the sharing of knowledge and tikanga?
  • Where and how does Te Ao Māori (tikanga, kaupapa, whakaaro) exist in tension with the internet?

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