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World Forum of Mexican Gastronomy (Foro Mundial de la Gastronomía Mexicana) #fmgm16

Are you passionate about Mexican food? You’re in luck this week. The Fourth World Forum of Mexican Gastronomy will be held from November 24 to 27 at the National Arts Center (Cenart) in Mexico City.

Hashtag: #fmgm16

You can check the program at: http://www.ccgm.mx/fmgm/programa

Remote participants can watch videos live from the Teatro de las Artes

Archived are posted online YouTube.

The forum aims to develop reflection on crucial issues that affect us directly, including the current boom in local cuisines and finding solutions to the apparent dilemma between food production for Mexico or growing food for export.

Attending the event are food producers, traditional cooks, chefs and culinary professionals. Topics include the Cuisines of the American Pacific, the Gastronomical Destinations of Mexico and Art and Craftwork for the Table and the Kitchen. There is also an expo for 12 major culinary destinations in Mexico.

The guest country for the Fourth World Forum is the Philippines. This Southeast Asian island’s gastronomy has been influenced both by its Asian neighbors and the cuisine of Spain, which colonized it for three centuries. The Manila Galleon sailed from its shores to the Americas, replete with merchandise, and the exchange between the two hemispheres left profound marks on both their territories.

Admission is free. Registration is only for those interested in the academic program and costs $1,800 pesos for the general public or $1,000 pesos for students and teachers.

To access the academic program is necessary to register.

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