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Lifeways of the Southern Paiutes

Tonight – Thursday, November 17 at 6pm –  Clark County Wetlands Park presents an evening lecture titled “Lifeways of the Southern Paiutes” about the rich cultural history of the Southern Paiute tribes of Southern Nevada, Utah and Arizona. Speakers Shanandoah and Greg Anderson will share insight about many aspects of the Southern Paiute people’s life in the region, including food preparation, trade, use of plants and other resources and religious traditions.

Shanandoah Anderson is from the Southern Paiute Indian Tribe of Utah. She was raised in a very traditional manner and learned everything from survival skills, native foods, plants, crafts, hide tanning, weapons, games, beadwork, quillwork, and sign language from listening to the elders on Paiute history, culture and beliefs. She taught at various reservation schools for K-12 classes on cultural crafts & activities. She is the editor and one of the illustrators for her father LaVan Martineau’s book: The Southern Paiute: Legends, Lore, Language, & Lineage.

Greg Anderson is the current Vice-Chairman for the Moapa Band of Paiutes and is their Project manager for Moapa Sand and Gravel. He lives in Utah with his wife Shanan and together they travel as often as time permits to share their knowledge on the Southern Paiute territories, bringing awareness to protecting the true homelands of the Southern Paiute people. As a great team in marriage and life, they continue to strive to obtain as much knowledge as possible so it won’t be lost as they believe everyone has something unique to offer, share and learn. In return they hope to pass their knowledge on to their children, youth, tribe, family and friends.

Additional details on the Wetlands Park Facebook event page.

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