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Greater Alpine National Parks

Parks Victoria (@ParksVictoria) has released the Greater Alpine National Parks Management Plan which will guide the future management of Alpine, Baw Baw, Errinundra, Mount Buffalo and Snowy River national parks, Avon Wilderness Park, Tara Range Park, and Walhalla, Howqua Hills, Grant, Mount Wills and Mount Murphy Historic Areas.

The intent of the plan is to protect and enhance the outstanding natural, cultural and recreational values within the parks, which cover over 900, 000 hectares in Eastern Victoria. The plan adopts a landscape-scale approach for managing fire, catchments, pest plants and animals, and recreation and tourism across the Greater Alpine National Parks.

The plan outlines a new visitor experience framework approach, which aims to promote the value and experiences important to park visitors in specific settings, destinations and journeys. The plan seeks to maximise social and economic benefits of the parks beyond their boundaries including water supply, tourism and education.

The parks protect Victoria’s highest mountains, some of Victoria’s most spectacular and intact natural country, nationally listed spectacular and distinctive landscapes and geology and a diverse range of flora and fauna. About one third of Victoria’s native plant species, more than half of the terrestrial bird species and 40 per cent of the State’s mammal species are found in the planning area. About one third of the State’s total rare and threatened species are also found there, including a number of species found nowhere else, such as the Mountain Pygmy-possum.

The plan identifies eight priorities for urgent action:

  • Targeted weed containment (brooms, blackberries, willows)
  • Fire management to protect and enhance ecosystems
  • Integrated work with all the Traditional Owners
  • Responding to climate change
  • Benefits beyond boundaries — weeds and dogs
  • Feral horse control
  • Deer control
  • Fox control.

For further information or to download a copy online visit: www.parkweb.vic.gov.au/alpsplan.

Greater Alpine National Parks Management Plan #WildOz

Overview: Greater Alpine National Parks Management Plan (2016) #WildOz

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