LIVE WEBCAST! Divers for Sharks and partner organizations hosts a side-event at the 13th Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity (COP13) to discuss NON-EXTRACTIVE uses of marine wildlife and Marine Protected Areas.

If you are not in Cancún, tune in for the live webcast on the Divers for Sharks’ Facebook Page page Tuesday December 13, 6:15pm Cancún, 4:15pm Las Vegas, 1:15pm Honolulu, 9:15pm Brasilia.

More about the event from the CBD.

“Non-Extractive Uses of Marine Biodiversity – through activities such as recreational diving and Ecotourism – generate high-quality jobs and income for coastal communities around the world and put in motion a virtuous cycle of benefit-sharing throughout the national economies where these activities are inserted. There is however little recognition of these values at international treaties, which insist in treating Tourism as an “impact” without examining it vis-a-vis other economic alternatives. This side-event hopes to bring together the community of practice represented at Cancún, government officials, NGOs and other interested parties to discuss case studies and address ways to improve the protection of the rights of non-extractive users of Nature at CBD and other relevant fora.”

More about Sharks

Sharks are being globally threatened by human actions – AND inaction from us who know better! Divers for Sharks mobilizes the diving community, which generates jobs and revenue through the benign use of the oceans, to help shark conservation.

We need to hear from more ecotourism businesses directly.


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