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New Address for Oaxaca’s Pochote Xochimilco Market (2017)

Photo: Pochote Xochimilco, Facebook

Oaxaca City – Breaking news from Oaxaca’s Pochote Xochimilco Proyecto Agroecologico y Artesanal. Starting today (Friday, January 13), the market opens its doors at a new location: Calle Marcos Pérez #217, Colonia Centro (between Crespo y Joaquin Amaro). Google Map

We have a long relationship with our friends (vendors and clients) at the Pochote Market. We first started visiting the market when it first opened in 2003.

For news about the market, keep an eye on their Facebook page – pochotexochimilco. Like, follow, share and visit. The market boasts great food (tostadas, tortas and tamales), folkart (the beautiful Zapotec and Chinantec textiles once banned from the original Pochote market for being … textiles) and most importantly people. Greet the long-time friends and vendors. You can even practice greetings in Oaxaca’s Indigenous languages.

Pochote Xochimilco Proyecto Agroecologico y Artesanal is made up of Oaxacan families from different regions of the state of Oaxaca. Market vendors offer local products including home-made food, handicrafts, vegetables.

Pochimilco on the move


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