Participants from around the world are sharing their love of responsible travel in an ongoing online conversation.

2017 is the ninth year for Responsible Travel Week and‘s 18th year of innovative conferencing.

Participation is free and Pay What You Want (PWYW). Registration for Responsible Travel Week is open.

The reason we hold Responsible Travel Week is to remind ourselves that responsible travel is that what we (a collective locals and visitors we) love about travel.

We also take the opportunity to ask some hard questions – like what is the impact of emissions created from long-haul travel?

For participants, our requests are simple — if you haven’t introduced yourself and your plans for the coming year, please do so. If you want to announce an event or publication, do so. We’d also like to ask you to be generous. Please give out likes, retweets, shares of the #rtweek17 posts on Twitter and Facebook. Speak kindly of local players in the hospitality sector. And if you have a favorite artisan chocolate, let us know.In a post-truth world with fake news and phatic journalism, where are we going for the ‘truth’ about responsible travel? This multi-platform dialogue is our contribution to a healthy dialogue, albeit texted, tweeted in places where we can’t have a face-to-face encounter.

Where is the conversation? Everywhere.

Transitions Abroad asked “What trends do you see happening in responsible travel within the current global political environment?” Responses were divided among ‘continued evolution’ and ‘increase in demand.’ I know I’m among the wishful thinkers who sees the protests and resistance of 2017 as a door opening to more empathic travel and tourism. Your thoughts?

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