This week in Acapulco, Mexico: Tianguis Turístico. Many friends are there including Chiapas tourism pioneer Victor Chambor.

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How Green is Tianguis?
From a press release posted on Travel Daily Media: “For the first time in its history, Tianguis Turistico 2017 will join other organisations, businesses, citizens and events in measuring and offsetting its greenhouse gas emissions to combat climate change. The fair will not only neutralise its carbon output, but it will also contribute to the conservation of local biodiversity, protection of its aquifers, avoid erosion and support rural communities to improve their quality of life. Through simple actions and operational enhancements, Tianguis Turistico 2017 is committed to contributing to this cause through actions such as efficient energy management, minimising the amount of waste produced and other incentives. In the instances where the production and emission of CO2 is inevitable, the fair will compensate their output with carbon offset credits.”



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Tianguis Turistíco = Mexico's Tourism Marketplace

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Tianguis Turístico

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