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Oaxaca’s 485th Anniversary

Oaxaca City celebrates its 485th anniversary, hosting the Encuentro de Cocineras Tradicionales.

Celebrations include calendas on Monday afternoon.

Oaxaca’s name comes from a mangled version of the Aztec settlement Huaxyacac (“place of gourds”). Occupying the area as early as 1521, the Spanish established their new settlement in 1529.

Oaxaca was first called Antequera after a city in Spain, and this early name is given to numerous businesses. Antequera was re-christened Oaxaca on April 25, 1532, and the city quickly became one of the most important agricultural and trading centers in the region. It is formally known as Oaxaca de Juárez. The city is affectionately known as La Verde Antequera.

Tip: Mark your calendar. The city celebrates its 500th anniversary in 2032.

Planeta.com will be updating our coverage of local food, recommended places to eat and our spotlight on Oaxacan markets. We will embed features on this page from the social web and make a list of timely recommendations. Suggestions are welcome.

Market Recommendations
La Cosecha

Restaurant Recommendations
Caldo de Piedra
La Olla
Los Quintoniles

Re-Opening in June


What would locals like visitors to know about Oaxaca City? = ¿Qué le gustaría a la gente local conocer los visitantes de la ciudad de Oaxaca?

Would anyone like to help edit the Oaxaca Wiki? = ¿Alguien quiere ayudar a editar el Wiki de Oaxaca?

What are the major changes in Oaxaca City in the past few years? = ¿Cuáles son los cambios más importantes en la ciudad de Oaxaca en los últimos años?

What will Oaxaca City look like in 2032? = ¿Cómo será la ciudad de Oaxaca en 2032?





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  1. Wish we were there to celebrate it! Oaxaca is an amazing city. And both Cuish and In Situ are by far the best mezcal options in Oaxaca, with local shops giving a vey authentic familly type of feeling.

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