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Global Tourism Survey

by Shane Feyers (@EcoToursmSurvey)

A live survey for ecotourism is now available on the IUCN Union Portal. This survey is a tool to collect data about current perceptions of ecotourism, its management, and impact. The survey will be used to inform inclusive and collaborative efforts by IUCN, and others, to address challenges and opportunities of ecotourism for people and nature.

This survey takes 7-8 minutes to complete. Cette enquête est disponible en anglais, français et espagnol. Esta encuesta está disponible en inglés, francés y español.

Welcoming us into the International Year of Sustainable Tourism, several months ago IUCN WCC-Res-060, Improving standards in ecotourism, passed with nearly unanimous support from Governments and NGOs at the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s 2016 World Conservation Congress. This resolution, and the tourism related amendments that resulted in the IUCN 2017-2020 Programme, signal an important commitment by IUCN at large to acknowledge and address the role ecotourism and other forms of tourism have in conservation and sustainable development. The goals of this resolution overlap significantly with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and those of IYST2017.

Following through on its commitment as a sponsor, the Yale Tropical Resources Institute endorsed a research fellow to collect data relevant to the subject and actions outlined in the resolution. This research is merely a small contribution to the major work the IUCN Tourism and Protected Area Specialist group, UNWTO, and many others have been doing for tourism for decades. It is also just part of the work that needs to be done to harness the positive potential of Resolution 60 and the rapidly-growing global ecotourism sector.

This survey take 7-8 minutes to complete. Cette enquête est disponible en anglais, français et espagnol. Esta encuesta está disponible en inglés, francés y español. It is written in English, Spanish, and French, and is available to a global audience in order to understand the vast perspectives of businesses, NGOs, governments, and indigenous groups worldwide. This survey, and the volunteer interview process that follows, are critical first steps to building knowledge capacity and stakeholder participation for inclusive, collaborative efforts to improve standards in ecotourism.

The survey will be available for 6 weeks but can only be taken once per individual. 

Please feel free to share this survey throughout your network and with any third parties you believe should be included. Alternatively, you can email this address, [email protected], with any contact information and the survey will be delivered promptly to the proposed recipients. 

Live Survey



One thought on “Global Tourism Survey

  1. Great progress to update. Over the last month the survey has reached tens of thousands of professionals in the sustainable tourism and ecotourism industry. Over 220 responses have been recorded and with only 1 week left it would be great to increase this number. If you haven’t completed the survey, please take 7-8 minutes to do so. All responses matter, all input will count!

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