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Europe’s Sources of Water: A Natural Journey

Photo: UNDP, Canyon Sunset

New presentation from #EuroEco17 : Nature Education and Heritage Interpretation. The video was streamed live on Facebook.

Many thanks to Peep for sharing this presentation online and to the organizers of the European Ecotourism Conference for organizing the event.

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Social Web Challenge

  • How many water photos do you see in the European Ecotourism Group?
  • For those keen on water conservation and recreation … are you following any of these voices on Twitter?
  • Can you share a water-focused photo … and tweet it? Bonus points if you use a Creative Commons license.


  • Does anyone have a listicle of favorite water spots in city, country or region?
  • What is the news from Lake Skadar?
  • What is happening in Lake Ohrid?



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