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Mexico City Hosts World’s Largest Bicycle Party (2017)

Mexico City hosts the sixth World Bike Forum, April 19-23. Hashtag: #fmb6; Twitter: @WorldBikeForum; Website: fmb6.net

In the big picture, biking and cycling are the unsung twin powerhouses of responsible, sustainable, eco and fair and conscious … travel.

In 2017 we celebrate the Sustainable Tourism for Development universe by asking readers, what are the good cycling experiences? How are locals benefiting from bike tours? What events are worth attending or paying attention? #1 on the list is the World Bike Forum — http://fmb6.net — designed, organized and produced by allied citizens involved in sustainable mobility in each host city.

The event begins on April 19, but preliminary work has been underway for several months. Kudos to the organizers for not just telling us about the event, but showing press conferences and gatherings live via Periscope.

The world forum gathers the work made by individuals, collectives, NGOs, academia, media, enterprises and governmental entities aiming to achieve a positive change at all levels: individual, local, regional, national and world wide in favor of a more secure, equitable and efficient mobility in the cities.

The sixth edition has been named “Handmade Cities.” Handmade cities are built with the care and love of their inhabitants. Designed to celebrate and preserve life, handmade cities give priority to the users of the public space, providing them with accessibility, security, and egalitarian sustainable mobility.

The World Bike Forum will be the perfect space to gather the Mexican, Latin-American, and worldwide communities, in order to bring together, recover, create and enjoy cities with vibrant bicycle celebrations.

Key Links

April 19-23 World Bike Forum (Mexico City) #fmb6
Facebook: forummundialdabicicleta
Twitter: @WorldBikeForum
‪⚡️ World Bike Forum
Wiki: cyclingmexico city


  • What are the objectives of the World Bike Forum? = ¿Cuáles son los objetivos del World Bike Forum?
  • What portions of the World Bike Forum will be streamed live? = ¿Qué partes del World Bike Forum se transmitirán en vivo?
  • Any suggestions for remote viewers? How can we participate, interact and amplify lessons from the World Bike Forum? = ¿Algunas sugerencias para los que ven desde lejos? ¿Cómo podemos participar, interactuar y ampliar las lecciones del World Bike Forum?
  • Are there any activities or attractions that are open to the casual visitor in Mexico City? = ¿Hay actividades o atracciones que están abiertas al visitante casual en la Ciudad de México?
  • How can remote participants and superfans of bikes and Mexico City amplify and interact with the conference? = ¿Cómo pueden los participantes remotos y superfans de las bicicletas y la Ciudad de México amplificar e interactuar con la conferencia?
  • In this #YearOfOpen, are any of the related publications and online resources focusing on biking and cycling open access? Bonus points for OER. = En esta #YearOfOpen, ¿hay alguna de las publicaciones relacionadas y recursos en línea que se centran en el acceso abierto al ciclismo y al ciclismo? Bonus points para OER.
  • What should we learn about Mexico City? = ¿Qué debemos aprender sobre la Ciudad de México?
  • When is the next World Bike Forum? = ¿Cuándo será el próximo Foro Mundial de Bicicletas?

Request: A special shout to friends in Mexico City. We would love to see your photos and video from the World Bike Forum. I’m not kidding. Having lived in the Centro Historico for several years, I always wanted to see cycling and that’s become a real thing, particularly on Sundays. Show us what works.

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México propone en FMB6 una Red Latinoamericana con recursos para intervenir ciudades

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