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Biblioteca Vasconcelos Hosts Conscious, Eco Travel Seminars


Mexico City – In the celebration of International Biodiversity Day, Biblioteca Vasconcelos and Conabio host events this week focusing on sustainable and conscious travel. The program provides an overview of the current status of conservation in the parks and protected areas, including the World Heritage Site Xochimilco in the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development.

Presenters included Julia Carabias (Natura Mexicana), Alonso Vera (Pata de Perro).
7a. Semana de la Diversidad Biológica “Turismo sostenible”

Dr. José Sarukhán Kermez (Biodiversidad) CONABIO
Secretaria María Cristina García Cepeda (Secretaría de Cultura)
Secretario Enrique de la Madrid Cordero (Secretaría de Turismo)
Secretario Rafael Pacchiano Alamán (Secretaría del Medio Ambiente)
Presenta: Alejandro García/Reportero de ciencia
Conversación: Julia Carabias Lillo /Natura Mexicana
Alonso Vera Cantú / Pata de Perro
Lugar: Auditorio de Biblioteca Vasconcelos

Viajeros con conciencia, por Julia Carabias y Alonso Vera

En la 7a Semana de la Diversidad Biológica en la Vasconcelos jornada sobre “Viajeros con conciencia”, con la participación de Julia Carabias (Natura Mexicana) y Alonso Vera (Pata de Perro). Acto organizado con Conabio y celebrado el 23 mayo 2017 en la Biblioteca Vasconcelos.

7a Semana de la Diversidad Biológica “Viajando por Xochimilco”

PRESENTA: Arturo Hernández / Supercivicos
CORTOMETRAJE: de #SoyXochimilco
CONVERSADORES: Luis Zambrano / Instituto de Biología, UNAM; Luis Fueyo / Comisión de Recursos; Rodolfo Salinas Roca / Natuoure.org y #SoyXochimilco

About the library
The Vasconcelos Library is located in the northern part of Mexico City, next to the suburban railway station in Buenavista. Designed by the architect
Mexican Alberto Kalach, was inaugurated in May 2006. It is one of the 10 most modern internationally recognized libraries.

It offers educational, informational and cultural services and offers the reader a collection of more than 580 thousand books, videos, CDs, magazines and newspapers, both for consultation in the room and for home loan. All services are free.

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