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Sustainable Travel Summit 2017

For the first time, Immersion Travel Magazine hosts a free, online event for people who love to travel and want to make a difference. Introducing the Sustainable Travel Summit —www.sustainabletravelsummit.com — a four day, online event taking place June 1st through the 4th, 2017. Hashtag: #ITMSummit17; Twitter: https://twitter.com/ImmersionTravel

Today – June 1 – Join us for a video chat. Starting time: 415pm Las Vegas, 615pm Quito, 715pm NYC, 115pm Honolulu, Friday 9:15am Sydney, 11:15am Auckland, 1215am London


Take part in activities and talks sponsored by Urban Adventures, Local Aventura, Pinc International, Authentic Food Quest and GRAYL. Discover how to pack the perfect bag; explore off the beaten path; leave a positive impact on a community; travel sustainably with the whole family; get the tastiest, most authentic meal; and so much more!

Planeta.com will be participating by sharing live video from slow adventure walking and biking in Las Vegas. Check out the next big thing – bike share in downtown Las Vegas.

During the four days of the summit, explore sustainable travel from the inside out, starting with learning about what sustainable travel really is and how to create a low-impact itinerary. Next, you’ll delve into the packing and planning process before setting off for destinations like Tuscany, Australia, Mexico City, and even the greenest neighborhoods of Vegas. Think about warming up your kitchen for the final day of the summit, because we’ll be indulging in all things food and travel. Make brunch with flavors from around the world, be invited into a chef’s home to learn a new recipe and finish off the day with dinner in Tanzania.

The Sustainable Travel Summit is free to attend, but you need to register to get updates, sneak previews, special content and a goody bag full of treats that will get you started on your next trip, as well as discounts from sustainable travel companies. We can’t wait to see you there!

Here is a sneak peak into what to look forward to at the summit:

Thursday, June 1st. Sustainable Travel
On Thursday, we’ll have talks with eco-lodge owners from around the world, as well as experts in the sustainable travel industry. We’ll have people from the industry and travelers who have been making sustainable decisions for decades at the table to talk about what it is and how to begin to build an itinerary. Thursday will also have a section about volunteer travel and how to make smart decisions when choosing an organization to work with.

Friday, June 2nd. Getting Ready
This day is all about packing and preparing for a trip. We will get into how to minimize gear, pack lots of stuff into one bag, reduce the use of plastic, including plastic water bottles, apply for tricky visas, and even how to break the ice with locals. Another topic for this day includes visiting places that are struggling with political and economic instability (Egypt, Venezuela, Russia, etc). We’ll ask expert travelers and locals how to research these kinds of destinations, make solid contacts and how to travel safely.

Saturday, June 3rd. Getting Off the Beaten Path
Travelers and small tour company owners will come together on this day to take viewers on a guided tour of offbeat travel. We will start the day with a virtual tour around the world with Visit.Org. Then we will have fun-filled talks with experts about the best ways to get off the tourist trail and making one-of-a-kind memories. Viewers will be able to get all their questions answered. There will be tours through New York, Las Vegas, Tanzania, Tuscany, Australia and more on this day, so get your suitcases ready!

Sunday, June 4th. Finding the True Authentic Experience
This day is all about food! We’ll start with interviews with foodies and bold explorers about how to taste the most authentic cuisine and stay healthy doing so. Join us for a brunch cooking demo with a world traveling chef and talk about the best ways get engaged with a community. We will end with a cooking demo for Tanzanian cuisine and finish the summit off with a sweet ending.

What was the impetus for the summit?
The force that inspired us to organize the summit began after we attended the New York Travel Festival last year. The New York Travel Festival is a great event for people in the travel industry to network, learn about new projects and destinations and develop new skills that will propel them further into their travel careers. While we loved the festival, we noticed that there really wasn’t anything out there for people who enjoy traveling, but hold jobs outside of the travel sector. We thought that if we could host an online event geared toward consumers, we could reach the people that matter most to us: the people that drive the tourism industry and shape it into a force for good with their decisions. So, that’s what we decided to do. We reached out to our entire network and are now working with dozens of talented expert travelers specializing in sustainable travel to bring an exciting travel event to folks everywhere.

What are some of the outcomes you expect from the Summit?
Our goal is to first and foremost inspire viewers to make the best decisions possible when planning and preparing for their next vacation. With so much information about how travel shapes the world, we hope that viewers will come away with new ideas about how and where they want to travel. The summit is also a way for Immersion Travel Magazine to show viewers what we are all about and the kind of content they can expect to receive from us. We make is a priority to bring honest and ethically sourced material to our readers, so they know that what they read is the authentic truth. We give a microphone and a stage for people around the world to share their stories, we shine a light on the businesses and organizations that work hard every day to make positive change, we make it easy for travelers to research destinations and make decisions that will reduce their environmental impact and put smiles on everyone’s faces, we are a hub for responsible travel information and an entry into the thriving network of sustainable tourism. So, we hope this summit will draw the attention of people everywhere and inspire them to become ITM members.

Is there a fee?
The summit is free; however, we will be launching a Kickstarter campaign to fully launch Immersion Travel Magazine into its next phase, where we will be able to hire journalists around the world to create media-rich magazine issues based on their regions. Memberships will be $40 a year and will include access to all issues created, a learning library where you can learn about sustainable travel and submit your own questions (we will work with our expert friends to get answers ASAP), discounts to top travel tour companies and products, and more. Our Kickstarter campaign will launch during the last week of May. Stay tuned.

Will any of the videos or presentations be posted online with free public access?
All content from the summit will be free to view during the month of June. In July, we will move all content to the membership platform, where paid members will be able to view at their leisure.


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