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Tracking local government leadership on climate change

New publication: Local Leadership: Tracking local government progress on climate change by Petra Stock, Martin Rice, Lesley Hughes, Will Steffen, Alix Pearce, Karen Hussey and Tim Flannery

This report introduces Australia’s Climate Council’s Cities Power Partnership program which highlights the leaders of councils and communities that are switching to renewable energy and building greener, more efficient and resilient communities. In Australia, local councils and communities have long been at the forefront of climate action, continuing their efforts, despite periods of instability and inaction at the state and federal climate policy level. In recent times, shires, towns and cities have stepped up their efforts and profile on climate change action both at home and internationally.

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In cities, towns and shires, people’s activities ranging from electricity consumption to car use are a major source of greenhouse gas emissions. This pollution is driving climate change and worsening extreme weather. Yet these urban centres are also hubs of climate action, building momentum through strong emission reduction targets and encouraging the uptake of climate solutions such as renewable energy, energy efficiency and sustainable transport.

This report highlights the significant and positive role played by many Australian local governments in tackling climate change, often in the face of uncertain and changeable policies at the state and federal level. For more than a decade, Australian local governments have been simply getting on with the job
of reducing emissions, pursuing energy efficiency, renewable energy and sustainable transport measures. This report recognises that every shire, town and city has unique characteristics and history that shape the available opportunities and challenges for reducing emissions.


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