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Roadmap for Sustainable Tourism in Norway


Peter Prokosch has shared news about the Roadmap for Sustainable Tourism in Norway. Download and read: Tourism Road Map Norway or the Norwegian version: Veikart fra reiselivsnæringen i Norg on the Linking Tourism and Conservation website.

Ten tourism- and conservation-related organisations presented at Arendalsuka in Norway. Although the roadmap makes so far no reference to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the world has agreed as common and concrete definition of sustainability, the direction the consortium drafted is quite promising.

Objectives of the Roadmap

  1. It provides a vision for moving towards sustainable travel and tourism by 2050, and includes proposals for ways to achieve this for Norway’s travel and tourism industry.
  2. It serves as an input to the Governmental Green Competitiveness strategy, based on the recommendations of the Expert Commission on Green Competitiveness.  It describes how the authorities should provide the framework for a green shift in the travel and tourism industry. In addition, it describes ways to strengthen and sustain the sector’s competitiveness while meeting the stronger needs for strict policy measures in the context of Norway’s climate and environment policy.
  3. It is also intended as a recommendation that provides Norwegian tourism enterprises with key choices that must be made in the short and long term to move towards to a sustainable society by 2050, and how  to maintain a globally competitive edge in a future where change is the order of the day.

Questions posed by the report

• How to incorporate the needs of sustainable tourism in decision processes involving expansion/construction of hydroenergy and transport networks?

• How to prevent decay and damage to nature’s treasures without compromising the principles underlying Allemannsretten (every man’s access to public land)?

• How to access funds for responsible destination development and conservation protecting Allemannsretten?

• What does it take to make tourism in Norway carbon neutral or eliminate climate gas emissions?

• Is it possible to design short tourism circuits and itineraries and at the same time offer off the beaten track experiences for the visitor?

• How to put a price on the wear and tear of Norway’s tourism attractions so that such valuations can facilitate funding and prevent expansion of infrastructure that reduces the country’s nature and culture capital?

• How can Norway enact policies and legislation that make it possible to earmark funding that helps finance maintenance and protection of the country’s natural and cultural treasures?

Our Questions

  • How was the report prepared?
  • Does the report reference the Global Goals?
  • What would locals like visitors to know about Norway?

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