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Overtourism in Protected Areas (2017)


Webinar: What is overtourism in protected areas and what can we do about it?, November 3, 2017.

Speakers: Emeritus Prof. Steve McCool (University of Montana), Mr. Jon Kohl (PUP Global Heritage Consortium)
Rising visitor use levels in tourism destinations over the last several years have caught residents and managers off-guard, leading to potentially significant social and biophysical impacts. This condition has been termed “overtourism”, and has been previously known by other terms such as “over use” and “over crowded.” Concern about this situation has a long history in protected area management. Regardless of the term, the concerns about impacts have legitimate foundations. Resolving this problem will require a better understanding of it first, before proposing simplified solutions.

As a collaboration between the IUCN WCPA Tourism and Protected Areas Specialist Group, Ecoturismo Genuino, PUP Global Heritage Consortium and the 10 YFP Sustainable Tourism Programme, the webinar is designed to build awareness of the challenges of high levels of visitor use in protected areas, review what has lead to this challenge, and to suggest a way forward.


The Coordination Desk of 10YFP Sustainable Tourism Programme is continuing to promote a series of webinars, organized by UN Environment and France. The webinars are focusing on aspects related to planning and management, sustainable value chains and financial tools in the run up to the 2017 International Symposium and Annual Conference under the theme “Empowering Tourism Destinations’ Sustainability through Innovation.”

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