Poster and Wildlife Tourism Australia are holding a series of video conversations in preparation for the 2018 Wildlife Tourism Conference. We will talk about what’s new in Tasmania and how this conference will connect and engage locals and visitors.

We will be talking with with Ronda Green and members of Wildlife Tourism Australia. We will issue a challenge to find WTA members on the social web (starting with Facebook, Twitter, ) and provide tips for wildlife tour operators new to the social web. Let’s get this conversation going!

In this first video recorded October 18, 4pm Las Vegas, October 19, 9am Brisbane, 10am Launceston, Ronda returns from a trip to Tasmania.

Wildlife Tourism Australia



2018 Conference
October 28-31, 2018 Wildlife tourism values and challenges: balancing the needs of wildlife, tourists, operators and residents (Tasmania)

Too often we consider the needs of tourists or tour operators only, and when needs of the animals themselves or the needs of local human residents are considered, there is much emotional opinion but too little evidence. WTA is bringing together delegates and presenters from varied backgrounds to discuss the issues, the pros and the cons of different approaches to tourism, where it can have positive and negative impact on individual animals (welfare), populations of animals (conservation, education), local residents (economic boost, other advantages, nuisance value) and how to best fit this in with what tourists want (or adjust accordingly) and what tourist operators need in order to keep operating.


Wildlife Tourism Australia


Tasmania // lutruwita

Great Barrier Reef Marine Park

Wild Australia



Responsible Travel Week

The tour operator’s dilemma: Keeping the customer happy while not disturbing the wildlife


Wildlife Tourism Australia

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