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Three Rivers Festival 2018

Photo: Via Tsuji, Railroad Bridge

July 13-21 Three Rivers Festival – Fort Wayne’s biggest summer party since 1969. Highlights include a parade, a bed race, a running race,heaps of junk food, and (to be confirmed) bike valet service.

The festival is an annual tradition.

Details on the Three Rivers Festival website — threeriversfestival.org — and Facebook and Twitter: @threeriversfest

The international village takes place July 20-21 and features tasty foods around the world. Admission is free, entertainment is free, food is very reasonably priced and extremely delicious! Facebook event page

Reminder: Please do not bring your dog, cat, bird, ferret, snake, goat, or emu to the festival. All animals (except service animals assisting disabled guests) are prohibited by City Ordinance from Three Rivers Festival Events.

Some history. In 1794 the ‘fort’ in Fort Wayne was built near the Indigenous Miami village of Kekionga. In the language of the Miami tribe, ‘kekionga’ may means Blackberry Patch though this is disputed.


  • What is new?
  • Are any of the events streamed with live video?
  • What would locals like visitors to know about Fort Wayne?


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