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Henderson Hosts Ho’olaule’a and Pacific Islands Festival 2018


Henderson, Nevada – September 15-16, 2018 are the dates for the Ho’olaule’a and Pacific Islands Festival, Henderson Events Plaza, 200 South Water Street.

The layout is a mix of indoor and outdoor booths. Food offerings are Hawaiian and Asian. There are games for the kids and beautiful song and dance in the outdoor theater. Free admission and free parking.

2018 is the 28th year of the festival which is a cultural high point on the Ninth Island!


  • For the organizers – Is there a directory of exhibitors?
  • For those who participated – What would you like outsiders to know about Hawai’i and the Ninth Island culture in Las Vegas?
  • For those who participated – What distinguishes the festival on Water Street? What did you enjoy most?
  • What are the relevant Facebook pages and groups / Twitter accounts and YouTube channels of the organizers, sponsors and exhibitors?
  • For those familiar with the food, what foods / which stands do you recommend?
  • For those who speak Hawaiian, what does ‘Ho’olaule’a’ mean to you?

Key Links
Facebook event page
Facebook 2017 event

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City of Henderson
Ho’olaule’a Pacific Islands Festival

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Henderson Ho’olaule’a Postponed (2019)


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