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Henderson Ho’olaule’a Postponed (2019)

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Henderson, Nevada – The 2019 Festival has been postponed due to the City of Henderson demolishing the Henderson Events Center and Plaza area to make way for a new Ice Skating Rink fo the Las Vegas Golden Knights Hockey Team.

2019 would have been the 29th year of the festival which is a cultural high point on the Ninth Island!

Key Links


  • For the organizers – Is there a directory of exhibitors?
  • For those who participate – What would you like outsiders to know about Hawai’i and the Ninth Island culture in Las Vegas?
  • For those who have participated – What do you enjoy most about the festival on Water Street?
  • What are the relevant Facebook pages and groups / Twitter accounts and YouTube channels of the organizers, sponsors and exhibitors?
  • For those familiar with the food, what foods / which stands do you recommend?
  • What are the dates of Ho’olaule’a 2020?

Recommended Listening
Las Vegas Is Hawaii’s ‘Ninth Island’ – KNPR (2018)

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