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2019 Faves

Photo: Bike Share in Las Vegas

2019, our fave bits, inasmuch as they inspired growth and slow journalism coverage on Planeta.com.

Here are some of our favorite events, apps, books, in 2019.

Events: Kudos to the organizers and participants of the International Year of Indigenous Language. Kudos to tourism4sdgs19 for livestreaming. And many thanks to everyone who checked out 2019 Responsible Travel Week.

Words: From buzzwords to word of the year, we keep falling in love with language: climate emergency, they, plant-based, self-identify, tautoko

Books: The long-awaited book from Dr Space Junk arrived in print, e-book, and audio formats. Eloquent, insightful, and fun to read, Dr Space Junk vs the Universe is Planeta.com’s fave book of 2019. High marks also go to Because Internet.

Technology: Trying out apple-tv and

Apps: Big fan of
Radio Paradise
YouTuve TV

Road Trips: Mexico and cross-country usa

Simply Inspired: /rtcbikeshare and Baltimore trash wheels


2019 – International Year of Indigenous Languages

Tourism and the Sustainable Development Goals Conference #Tourism4SDGs19

Responsible Travel Week 2019


Buzzword Bingo 2019

Word of the Year 2019


Alice Gorman, aka @DrSpaceJunk

Because Internet



Apple TV



Radio Paradise

YouTube TV

Road Trips

Mexico Roadtrip

2019 Summer Roadtrip USA

Simply Inspired

Bike Share in Las Vegas

Baltimore’s Trash Wheels

Border Tuner = Sintonizador Fronterizo


2019 Calendar

Twitter Faves


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