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2020 Faves


Thank you 2020 for a few bright lights around the world as we learned to adapt to the COVID19 pandemic locally and globally.

Personally, I learned how to use Zoom and make the most of newfound video conversations with friends, family, and allies. For more passive watching, I tuned into more YouTube and YouTube TV than other streaming services in order to watch helpful how to videos and remote conferences. These bits that helped improve Planeta.com are featured on this page. Here are some of our fave apps, buzzwords, podcasts, and videos in 2020.

App of the Year: Zoom
Buzzword of the Year: Sonder
Videos of the Year: ByT Band: Sesiones al Natural


Quaranstreaming Faves



Continuing Faves

Recommended Listening

Misc Notes

2020 was the International Year of Plant Health.


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