2020 Rolling Coverage


Most stories take time to unfold. Here we use very slow journalism to curate rolling coverage of some of the most important stories in 2020:


World Listening Day 2020

Māori Language Week = Te Wiki o Te Reo Māori 2020

Responsible Travel Week 2021

In the headlines

Coronavirus, aka COVID19

Nevada Reopens

USA 2020 Election

Urgent Call from Mexico (World Environment Day 2020)


Bushfires in Australia (2020)

World Environment Day 2020

Responsible Travel Week 2020



Digital Literacy Quiz

Translating: What’s on the calendar in 2020?
Spanish: ¿Qué hay en el calendario en 2020?
Maori: He aha kei te maramataka i te 2020?
German: Was steht 2020 auf dem Kalender?
Greek: Τι ισχύει για το ημερολόγιο το 2020?
Hawaiian: He aha ka mea i ka kalena i 2020?


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