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41st Session of UNESCO’s World Heritage Committee

Photo: Bartłomiej Banaszak, Narodowy Instytut Dziedzictwa, State of Conservation

July 2-12, 2017 Kraków, Poland hosted the 41st Session of UNESCO’s World Heritage Committee. The event is notable for its adoption of new world heritage sites as well as the potential for delisting sites that are not fulfilling their commitments. Planeta.com curated the highlights, headlines and a Twitter moment.

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Provisional timetable




  • What would locals like visitors to know about Kraków? About Poland?
  • In this International year of Sustainable Tourism, what are the overlapping issues at #41WHC?
  • In this Year of Open, how does the WHC make resources available to be shared and remixed?
  • Will media conferences be streamed online and if so, will they accept questions from remote participants?
  • Do videos have transcripts or captions?
  • How is Twitter being used to document and keep track of discussions at #41WHC?

Looking Ahead to #42WHC

  • Are Planeta.com readers interested in editing or contributing to a Google Doc during the session?

Artwork / Cue Yourself
41st Session of UNESCO's World Heritage Committee #41WHC @UNESCO @info_whc

41st Session of UNESCO's World Heritage Committee #41WHC @UNESCO @info_whc

#41whc hashtag

Twitter Moment


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