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How to tweet about world heritage at #42WHC


There are many fans of world heritage around the world, keen on learning what’s taking place in Manama, Bahrain during the 42nd session of the UNESCO World Heritage Committee, June 24 to July 4, 2018. Hashtag: #42whc

As the session winds down, this preview and how-to guide will transition toward a recap, particularly paying kudos to those who were reliable tweeters.

42nd Session of UNESCO’s World Heritage Committee

Here are a few things that participants can tweet that would be useful:

  • Include the hashtag #42WHC in posts about the event
  • Show the daily agenda. If there’s a printout, take a photo. What’s being discussed and in what order?
  • Show us message boards and information tables.
  • If something is being celebrated or debated, let us know in real-time.
  • If you know of relevant resources and websites, tweet the link.
  • Meet the locals. Find and share what people in Bahrain would like visitors to know about the host city and country.

Here are a few things organizers can do to be helpful:

  • Announce the hashtag(s)
  • Curate your own Twitter lists and moments
  • Identify materials with open access and licenses from Creative Commons
  • Let us know what is being discussed
  • Let us know where to find live and recorded video

Here are a few things fans of world heritage can do to be helpful:

  • Watch and listen
  • Ask questions
  • Retweet and share relevant info
  • Let us know if you are watching the live video

Who should tweet?
Participants and organizers of the World Heritage Committee meeting who want to document actions and let others know what is being discussed. Reflections are most welcome.

Who should not tweet?
Anyone who wants to keep secrets.

If we turn this into a game, then we’d like to award a special honor to Tweeters of the event. Bragging rights will go to those with our favorite tweets. Obviously, we haven’t worked out any rules or guidelines, but we’ll get to that if there’s positive feedback! We would like to emphasize the idea that sharing on Twitter (and elsewhere on the social web) can be fun and help make these important events more public-facing so that we all have a better idea of what’s taking place around the globe.

Embedded Tweets

Spanish (translation via Google, corrections are helpful!)
Aquí hay algunas cosas que usted puede tweet que sería útil:

Incluya el hashtag #42WHC en publicaciones sobre el evento
Mostrar la agenda diaria. Si hay una impresión, tome una foto. ¿Qué se discute y en qué orden?
Muéstrenos tableros de mensajes y tablas de información.
Si algo está siendo celebrado o debatido, háganoslo saber en tiempo real.
Si conoce los recursos y sitios web pertinentes, tweet el enlace.
Conoce a la gente local. Encuentre y comparta lo que la gente de Bahrain desea que los visitantes conozcan sobre la ciudad y el país anfitrión.


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World Heritage

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