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Australia – Since 1961, Four Cornersabc.net.au/4corners – has been exposing scandals, triggering inquiries, firing debate and confronting taboos. Excellence in journalism and film-making has earned international recognition, winning 44 Walkley Awards, 16 Logies and an array of other international awards.

Take a look at the best journalism from the 50th anniversary special or watch investigations for free, any time.

Four Corners airs on Monday nights at 8.30pm on ABC and is repeated on Tuesdays at 1pm and on Wednesdays at 11pm. The series is not geoblocked.

Key Links

Judgement Day – Four Corners – Liz Jackson reports on the impact of this historic judgement, the reaction it inspired and the inside story of the negotiations to create the law that would pave the way for Native Title. We hear from the power brokers who forced the nation to confront its history, and their critics. Related: The Drum

Recommended Listening
Bitter End: Corporate crisis at the ABC – Four Corners investigates the corporate crisis that engulfed the ABC, which saw “change agent” Michelle Guthrie sacked just halfway through her contract, and the then chairman Justin Milne resign amid allegations of political interference.


The Pandora Papers: How the world of offshore finance is still flourishing

The Forgotten Man

Corporate Meltdown

Proud Country



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