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Disaggregate = to separate (something) into its component parts

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Think about how you consume media. It’s become disaggregated. Maybe I cobble together a new degree
– Cable Green, 9:30 open education and sharing @cgreen @radionz @SaturdayRNZ

Our means of communication are highly disaggregated.

Planeta.com attempts to aggregate / curate / weave together the threads of face-to-face literal word-of-mouth conversation with dead tree print, broadcast TV and radio and the infinite surface and depth of the social web.

Think about it – Until four generations ago, communication was only fast as the foot or sail.

Today we can pass along images of triumph and despair across the globe in seconds. We share with friends and friends of friends in ways that are direct and indirect.

Not to dwell too much, it is worth reflecting on the variety of information/education we choose and ask how do we collaborate more.

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